The cloud hovers over the ocean. Big. Black. Heavy with moisture.

The disappointment falls over me. I feel its oppressiveness.

I sit, motionless. Willing it to move.

The thing that I want is behind that dark cloud. Light and beauty. Illumination. Joy.

I wait.

Tempted to give up.

I go in, get more coffee.


Hug the cup in my two hands.


I watch in disbelief as the cloud rapidly moves south, blown by invisible breath.

Behind the darkness: weightless, white, fluff. Around the edges…light begins to spill.

I run.

Out the door.

Down the stairs.

To the sand.

I stand before the light.

I walk and pray, letting the light illumanate.

The sound of the ocean reassures me: Light is never far.

When I return, sunlight spills over the water with abandon. No sign of clouds. Blue sky my umbrella. Dappled depths lap at my feet.

This is my life.

He chases darkness away. He fills my life with light.

I see.

Precious God, I have known darkness. You wipe it all away. Let me never forget what you have cleansed me of, Lord. Let me never forget what you have done in my life. I want to shout it from the mountain tops, Love. But today, today…I will throw it out to the ocean. Your beauty astounds me, God of all creation. I love you.


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    Hey friend, That is beautiful. I too saw the dark clouds today, the rain hovering over the ocean, the light radiating behind the clouds.

    Even when storms seem to hover over us, the sun is radiating behind them…. It’s all so amazing.

    I constantly think of the verse in Nahum 1:8 “The clouds are but the dust of His feet.”

    Hope you are having a blessed time. We are waiting to see if our vacation will be cut short by Tropical Storm Fay….


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    Wow! That is a beautiful sight. The Lord’s creation is beautiful! He is such a great artist, isn’t He! I pray you are being refreshed in your mind, body, spirit, and soul on this vacation.


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    I LOVE this beautiful post! Thank you for blessing me today!

    I would love to be on the beach right now!

    You have written some really great things. Love the pictures!


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