Note to Michael Phelps

Note to Michael Phelps: Please pull your pants up.

Jeff and I were thrilled to watch Michael Phelps win his first gold medal the other night. And last night, when the USA relay team won gold, it was a thrill to see little Michael and his team mates celebrate with abandon.

But would somebody please tell him to pull his pants up?

I mean, is this standard swimming attire? Mind you, he pulls it off nicely, but this old lady feels a bit—um—odd, seeing that much of him.

That said…

Isn’t he awesome?!!!!!!

The swimming events have definitely been the highlight for me so far in this Olympics.

When Michael was swimming the 400 IM, trying for his first medal, I was so nervous for him that I had to cover up my eyes. President Bush was in the audience, and the camera kept zeroing in on Michael’s mom and two sisters. Suddenly, I felt a mother’s anxiety.

“Just tell me how it ends!” I said to hubs as I peeked between my fingers.

But I had to watch.

There is something so satisfying about witnessing a story unfold into completion.

Years of training and hard work. Emotional and physical investment. Sacrifice.

Michael said it best: “Sleep, eat, swim. That’s all I can do.”

All of it leading to this: the Olympics. The end of the story.

Or is it the beginning?

I have been reading the book of Revelation these past couple of weeks. I must admit, a few times during this journey I have felt like covering my eyes and saying, “Just tell me how it ends!”

Of course, we know how it ends, do we not?

I’ve always avoided Revelation because it is so rich in symbolism, steeped in imagery that I don’t understand.

“What’s the big deal?” I”ve always wondered. “I know where I’m going when it’s over. I don’t care about all this eschatology stuff. If I’m saved, I’m saved, right?”

Ahh. But there is something so satisfying about witnessing a story unfold into completion, is there not?

There is a reason John was called to share this Revelation with us. God wants to speak to each one of us through his vision. As I read through commentaries and meditate on these mysterious words, God has whispered some achingly intimate words to me through this story.

I still puzzle over what it all means. I still don’t understand how the end will come. But I am reading this story to completion.

As I watch Michael Phelps swim with all his heart toward his goal, I too am running this race. My heartbeat quickens. My eyes seek the finish.

I just hope my pants don’t fall down in the process.


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    I’m with you on the pants and on Revelation.

    Revelation has always been a hard dig for me, and even now, I’m tempted to bypass its significance. But I’m wanting to ponder tonight, so I’m headed John’s way. Pants and all!


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    Don’t worry, Laura, if your pants do fall down, I’ll tell ya to pull them up.;)

    I’m a visual learner, so Michael Phelps is a great visual for this race we are in.

    I’m like you, sometimes I just cannot watch things like that. I don’t even know people, but I become so nervous for them, that I can’t even watch. I guess it’s just as well that my boys aren’t Olympic athletes, because I would miss all of it. I’d be in the stands with my head buried in Shannon’s back. But God willing if that ever did happen, Shannon will tell the boys to pull their pants up, amen?;)

    God Bless,

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    I thought the same thing about Michael’s pants. 🙂
    He is amazing though. The swimming has been my favorite sport so far too.
    That relay race was the most amazing yet. I couldn’t believe they won. I can’t imagine being a parent and watching my child in the olympics. I was bad enough when my kids played basketball for their small school. I turned into a different person. Lol!
    Laura, I love the book! You are such a gifted writer. I just know God has so much more down the road for you in this area.
    About Rev. it is so difficult for me to understand. My dad is preaching on Rev. now and he takes it very slow….verse by verse. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to get “it” this time. I have trouble retaining and repeating things I hear. I just need to get the tapes and take lots of notes.
    Hope your computer is fixed soon.
    Love you!

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    I loved how you ended this, Laura…just hope my pants don’t fall off.

    I haven’t watched much Olympics but I’m assuming it looks as though he took the top/shirt portion of his suit off and it showed a little tushy.

    I’m sure he was too excited to care if it ALL hung out.

    I did a Bible study on Revelation once but it was in my younger Christian years. I bet it would do me good to do one now or maybe I could see if I still have that study guide and look at it.

    It is so hard but there is purpose in every word in the Bible. Amen.

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    I loved seeing this race with the guys from the US.

    It was awesome.

    Isn’t it a great picture of life…. being behind, pushing forward, persevering to win the prize.

    Yea, Revelations is a “hard” read…because it is so full of things that have meaning, yet you aren’t sure of the meaning. I too have struggled to read and understand it.

    Thanks once more for sharing your heart.


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    I remember commenting to my hubby about Michael’s pants! My goodness! I’m in the same boat as most here. I’ve read Revelation, but struggle for sure. I also agree that it isn’t a good excuse to avoid it though. God gave the vision for a reason. I really enjoyed how you brought these two subjects together!

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    I have loved the Olympic games. That relay was something else! My husband missed it, but he heard me cheering for them. You could probably hear me, too! I was LOUD! I am sure it helped them win!
    I used to be a cheerleader back in the day…..sometimes I revert back to times of crazy cheering my lungs out! Such fun!
    Do you suppose our great crowd of witnesses (Romans 12) get out of control like that cheering us on? I hope so! I’d like to think that they are really into this race we are running and cheering as if it were their medal they were after!

    Blessings, Cheri

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