Summer’s End

The last day of summer break…

Preparation day.

We are still shaking sand out of our shoes (really!), but time is an unforgiving fellow and refuses to stop for us.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for two not-so-little little boys that I love.

We spend today holding on to those last moments of freedom. They hold so much joy.

Lunches are packed. Clothes laid out. Backpacks at the ready. Children are prayed over and tucked in.

We will sleep, but He never does. Our preparations pale in comparison to His.

Lord, we are ready for another year! Go with them, Love. Let them feel you near as we release them yet again. You are the Great Teacher. Teach the other children through them. Let them reveal you in their words, in their actions. This is our mission field…the halls of these schools, the hearts of our friends. Let them see your beauty in the shining faces of my sons. I love you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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    What a beautiful prayer to send your children to school on…Ditto for mine – even though she’s already been in school for going on the third week, I pray for her safety daily.

    I also pray that others will see His ways in her.


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    Ditto to what Yvette and Mia said!

    We started our first day of school yesterday too. It is so hard to let go of the flexibility of summer, but at the same time there is something comforting in the new routine.

    God Bless,

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    I echo this prayer for your young ones and for children and students everywhere.
    What a precious mom you are. Isn’t it a privilege to pray for our children?
    I used to be a part of Mom’s In Touch when my kids were in college. Have you ever heard of that group? We saw some huge answered prayer during that time.
    San Antonio was awesome. I’m glad you had a good vacation as well.

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    What a beautiful prayer…well said and, I believe, probably well lived. Keep trusting Jesus with their lives and keep believing him for his best to come to them in the days ahead. Kids are just the best kiss of heaven, aren’t they?!

    Happy week for you. Enjoy the rhythm of new routine.


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