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Hey, friends! Time for Terkeurst Tuesdays again! This week we are discussing Chapters eight and nine of Lysa Terkeurst’s book: What Happens When Women Walk in Faith.

Chapter eight: Refusing To Get Bogged Down in Bitterness

Is that a million dollar title?

It’s easy to say, but letting go of anger and bitterness is not an easy task. Especially, it seems, when our anger is directed at God. Lysa uses the action-packed story of Joseph to beautifully illustrate a life that chooses to honor God in the midst of circumstances that many would respond in anger to.

On page 79, Lysa says, “Notice also that God didn’t immediately pluck him from the situation but rather honored him in the situation.”

I have prayed many times to be delivered from a situation, only to discover that God had different plans. When I look back on my life, I realize that it was the difficult and trying times that God used to build my faith, make me a stronger person, and draw me close to Him. If He had delivered me every time I asked, my character would sorely be lacking.

When I look at Joseph, I see how a pampered and spoiled young man became one of great faith and character.

Friends, God knows what He is doing. When will we ever learn to trust Him?

Perhaps the most moving element of the story of Joseph is the presence of numerous scriptures affirming the fact that God was with him throughout his troubles.

He never leaves us, Dear Ones.

Chapter nine: A Most Unlikely Path

This chapter is about obedience.

One page 90, Lysa says, “Make right choices to honor God, and your feelings will eventually catch up.”

This is sound advice. Sometimes we have to go against our own feelings, desires, fears, expectations…to follow in the path that we know God wants for us. When we make a right choice, we will never regret it.

This is something I have tried desperately to instill in my children. To make decisions based on what God wants, not what we want, is a way of living that takes discipline. There’s a great book that I used to read to the boys (and their schoolmates, much to their chagrin) called, Always Wear Clean Underwear and other things your parents have told you. This book takes a funny approach at teaching children that what people don’t see about you is just as important as what they do see. Why? Because when we make poor choices, even if know one else sees, not only does God see, but we carry that knowledge inside of us. It defines who we are.

Making the right choice is always the right choice.

But sometimes we don’t know what the right choice is, do we?

I’m in one of those situations right now. As Jeff and I consider leaving our old church, we have been wrought with insecurity and indecision. We have discovered the daily provision of God in this famine season. Each day He helps us make right choices. One day (I hope and pray) He will reveal His plan for us, but for right now, He requires we obey in faith.

On page 89, Lysa says, “The longer we walk with God, the more easily we hear His voice and trust His instructions.”

This is so true. But I have found that when I am in this famine place, it is much easier for me to attend to my needs than allow God to. This is something I have to be very deliberate about. When I am hurting, inevitably, I notice my intimate time with God suffers. I have to make a concerted effort to spend time with Him. Even if it means merely sitting before Him with nothing to say. Just being with Him has helped me through many a difficult time.

This path that He has laid out before each one of us may not be the one we would have chosen. It may indeed be “A Most Unlikely Path”. But He will never leave our side as we walk it.

I don’t know about you, Dear One, but I need to know this. I need to know that He plans my steps and will guide me when I mess up. Yes, I too, like Lysa, “wish I could hear God’s voice as loud as thunder so I would know for sure” that I am following His will.

But sometimes He whispers. Like manna from heaven, sometimes we are meant to move from day to day, trusting in Him to provide.

Lean on Him.

He is strong.


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    It was great to read your words and I could relate to everything you said. I’m the friend you addressed by saying, “when will we ever learn to trust Him?” Also loved your thoughts about teaching your kids, mine are 5, 3 and 1 and I will be doing a google search after I finish this. We can never teach them enough and maybe I’ll learn a lesson as well. Thanks for sharing, Jill

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    Great post, Laura!
    I love Lysa’s statement:

    “Notice also that God didn’t immediately pluck him from the situation but rather honored him in the situation.”

    That is so easy for me to see in the lives of other Christians that I know, but very difficult in my own sometimes.

    But He does honor our faithfulness, just like He did Joseph’s.

    I know that many times I have begged to be “plucked” out of something….just like my recent need for back surgery…..But He has blessed me so much through the pain. I have never been more in love with or proud of my husband; He has had to be practically be a single parent for almost the last 3 months. He has done the job of two parents, not to mention taking care of me too, while holding down a full time stressful job. And he has done it all with a smile on his face, and with an attitude that I know pleases God.

    If I had not gone through the surgery, that is a blessing that I would not have gotten a chance to witness.

    And the outpouring of love from my blogging friends has been overwhelming! People that I have never “really” met in person have been praying for me, emailing me, sending me cards…It’s amazing what a blessing blogging has been through this season of my life.

    I, of course, don’t want to go through this particular kind of “physical” journey again, but it has been a tremendous “spiritual” one.:) And now that I am on the “other side” of it….I am so thankful.

    I love the title of the book that you read your kids…That made me laugh out loud. I can remember my boys giggling about words like “underwear.” And laughing hysterically at the title “Everybody Poops.” 😉

    God Bless,

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    I’ve been reading your posts about Lysa’s book. I’m not actually reading it with you guys, but it really hit me when you said,

    “When I look at Joseph, I see how a pampered and spoiled young man became one of great faith and character.”

    I guess that’s where I’m at right now. A little too pampered and spoiled and yet thankful God is taking me through this time away from home to build my faith and character. I think I’ll read up on Joseph!

    Thanks for your continued prayers!


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    My Man and I were in this same “struggle” last year at this time, knowing we were to leave, but when and how. We knew why, but God’s timing is best.

    Finally we heard, run and don’t look back. What a season of getting us alone, so we could hear Him.

    Be still and know Him.


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    Boy, I sure related to God leading you somewhere else to go to church… we prayed over that for I think 3 years. Finally got our answer… and I trust you will know for sure and hear His voice too.
    Really enjoyed my visit tonight.
    Nice reading your thoughts!

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    What you said in reference to a book you used to read to your kids and telling them how important to make a concerted effort to spend time with him. It reminded me of what Holly had to say on Lysa T’s blog today Is your “Father” programmed into your cell phone so others can find him. I think it is so true what you taught your kids. So many parents have missed teaching this important fact.
    Thanks for sharing.


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    I too loved how Lysa showed us that God sometimes leaves us right where we are against our desire. Just have to trust Him. He really knows what He’s doing and we have to believe that. Keep us updated on the change of church walk you’re on.

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