A Birthday Love Poem

On that day,

when your tiny lungs

at last expanded with their first airy breath,

Chubby arms flailing about

swimming in the air—

milk-blue eyes gazing about in awed wonder…

On that day–the day that you were born,

my heart had not yet started beating.

And though, a few years would pass

before my newborn infant cries would fill the air,

Every milestone marked, every step traveled

Only brought you closer to me…

To that day

when our hearts would collide.

each mark deeply embedded

each scar you endured

every joy your spirit soared through

further molded for a perfect fit…

lovingly wrought,

intricately sculpted

no detail overlooked

Created by a Master

Who knew the Master Plan.

Your beauty

enhanced by the lines on your face

the silver subtly nesting on your crown…

Takes my breath away.

The years we collect together

further mold our hearts

joining them together

into one.

You were made for me.

And I’m so glad.

Happy birthday, My Love.


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