Diamonds on the Inside

Today we begin our new online Bible study: Behind Those Eyes by Lisa Whittle! I’m so excited to share this book with you all. If you are interested in reading what other ladies are thinking about this text, visit our host, Lelia, and give them some encouragement.

Chapter One: The Truth Hurts

“What you’re after is truth from the inside out.”—Psalm 51:6 MSG

I’ve never heard this version of this verse before. I must admit, it packs a wallop.

The night that I read the first chapter of Behind Those Eyes, I was flipping through the channels on TV. I came across the high def music channel and who should be singin but that cutie Ben Harper (He is just the cutest thing). He was singing a song called Diamonds on the Inside. Here are the lyrics to the first verse of the song:

I knew a girl
Her name was truth
She was a horrible liar
She couldn’t spend one day alone
But she couldn’t be satisfied
When you have everything
You have everything to lose
She made herself a bed of nails
And she’s planning on putting it to use
But she had diamonds on the inside
She had diamonds on the inside
She had diamonds on the inside

Isn’t that ironic? The day we begin to explore authenticity, I hear this song about truth. The truth can be hurtful (like a bed of nails), just as Lisa’s opening story about her brutal honesty as a sweet little six year old girl (can’t you all just see her standing up beside the ugly man?). But Ben Harper is right if he is comparing truth to the beauty of diamonds. It shines.

Have you ever met someone who is real? A what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person? They sparkle, don’t they? We are drawn to these people because we too long to share who we really are. They give us permission to be real too.

Diamonds on the inside. Wearing it on the outside is a little more difficult, though, is it not?

Lisa asks what the word authenticity means to me. It is hard to put into words without sounding judgmental, but I guess it means not being afraid to say what’s on your mind…not pretending to be something you are not. And, yes, I think Jesus still calls us to be authentic in everything we do…especially in our spiritual life.

I love question #3, “…Do you see why difficulties can bring out the truth, though the process may be hurtful?” Through my work at the hospital, I have seen living breathing examples of this. People facing hardship quickly learn to disregard pretense. Their priorities change drastically when a loved one’s life is endangered. They learn to say what is on their mind. Like it or not. The same, I think, can be said of spiritual authenticity. My family has faced a difficult journey these past couple of years. We have struggled with some individuals in our church about different styles of worship. If anything, these disagreements have brought us closer to Jesus. When people are arguing over where the American flag should be placed in the sanctuary, it kind of opens one’s eyes to the sad things we have given priority over genuine worship.

I love what Lisa says on page 13: “A painful truth revealed to us can also be the catalyst for us to become a mere shell of who we really are beneath all of the fluff.” I think this statement truly captures how we so often react to a difficult truth. We hide from it. We withdraw into our hurt. We sulk and protest.

Why is it easier to react this way than to take the criticism and grow from it?

I think Lisa answers that question when she talks about Soul Cravings on page 17. “Make no mistake about it: women are yearning for something real. We’re hungry for truth and authenticity. We crave honesty.”

When we are faced with a truth that is difficult to digest, we often feel rejected. This chapter brings to light the fact that we all want to be accepted and loved for who we are, not for who we pretend to be.

It takes courage to step outside of that fear of rejection. It takes courage to reveal your true self to others.

It takes Diamonds on the inside. Ones that shine so bright they show on the outside too.

I am so looking forward to getting real with you, girlfriends! Shine on!


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    Wow! I can’t believe as you are reading the book that very song comes on! That’s so awesome.
    Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, the time has come to get real. I am so look forward to walking this path with you Laura. The Faith one we just walked was incredible!

  2. says

    I think you are a what you see is what you get person…I think you show the beauty inside you.
    You are someone who I find easy to be myself with….


  3. says

    When I read your post, for some reason the words “diamonds in the rough” kept coming to mind. I don’t really know why. Maybe because we are all diamonds in the inside but living in the rough…this rough world that tempts us to hide and pretend.


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    First, let me just say that I smiled a huge smile when I saw that you now have a profile picture. I know it’s a silly girly thing, but I just love seeing your face. You represent beauty to me and have since I first “met” you in blogland.

    And…your blog looks great. Another silly girly comment. 🙂

    But to get to the important stuff, let me just tell you how thrilled I am to connect with you through this study. I know you will have rich insights to share, and I look forward to reading them.

    Love you much, sweet, dear Laura.
    Lisa 🙂

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    Hi Laura,

    Thank you for encouraging me on my blog studying Lisa’s journey to “real”.

    I love your fresh insights! I want to read more of your thoughts on your blog when I get a chance tomorrow.

    You must see the same type of people my daughter sees on a daily basis. She is a LCSW (almost) working with the homeless in San Diego. Most are dx with Schizophrenia – some just are so broken from such horrific abuse in their childhoods that it’s hard to tell where one dx starts and the other begins.

    Painfully real, and as authentic and real as I want my life, that job day after day would break my soul to tiny pieces.

    I pray blessings over you this day and every day!

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    Sort of a p.s…….

    That is the OBX behind you in your profile pic,?

    One day I will return to that place I lived for over two years in triumph and victory over fear.
    Our Father, HIMSELF, rescued me from my pit of sin or my own making and I associate Southern Shores with that nightmare life.

    But, as those fears heal, I will see the ocean again.

    Thank you for being a part of this study. Your calming insight is precious.

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    This sounds like a wonderful study.
    I’m presently doing “Discerning the Voice of God” with the ladies at church and can’t really do another, but if I weren’t….I’d be right here with y’all.

    Praying that the Holy Spirit fills each of you with wisdom and knowledge of Him as you all begin this new study.

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I like your picture (of you) too! You are a beautiful person…inside and out.

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    Diamonds on the inside…how wonderful. We are just diamonds in the rough…We just need to be polished to make ourselves shine…Sometimes I still feel like my diamond is still hidden in the coal…This is wonderful!!!

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    Isn’t God great when he places a song in our midst at the just-right moment!!

    In reference to what Lisa says on page 13: “A painful truth revealed to us can also be the catalyst for us to become a mere shell of who we really are beneath all of the fluff.” Isn’t that the truth–what if when all that “fluff” is removed and we really have nothing left but a shell. It is kind of scary to think about.

    I want to be a diamond–all sparkly for the Lord!!

    nice to “meet you”!

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    I love the song…I love the diamonds on the inside and yes, I love those what you see is what you get kind of people! Thank you for your thought provoking post.

    Oh…and after living in Hampton Roads for 12 years, I recognize OBX back there too! Love it!

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    Truth is hard sometimes, isn’t it? But it is important. God will always tell us the truth about who we are but he also tells us about who we will become. Maybe there’s a post in this comment….

    Thanks for reading. Glad you are doing the study!

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    Your diamonds inside made me think of the study I did last fall. It was the 5 Aspects of Women by Barbara Mouser. In it she calls women God’s crowning jewel in His creation. I always loved that. That I was a jewel made by God, I want my diamond to shine his light.

    What an awesome God for bringing all of us together.


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    Oh, I’m really liking this story. I’m all about truth. Sometimes, the truth can be a hard pill to swallow but I much prefer that over the deep cuts and scars caused by lies.

    Thank you, Laura.

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    I love the anology of the diamonds on the inside, that sparkle on the outside. I am not a diamond person, but know that to find the true beauty of a diamond, you have to look at the center of it, that is where the “fire” of a diamond is.

    Visiting all of the blogs from this week has become my mini devos from the chapter. Keeps it fresh in my mind.

    God is so good, and way cool.


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    Love it!! I so agree with your statement
    “It takes courage to step outside of that fear of rejection. It takes courage to reveal your true self to others.”

    How many times is the Word does God tell His servants to “be of good courage”??

    I cannot wait to make this journey with you and the other ladies.

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