Would You Rather…

“Would you rather have Lucy Mae, or the Bible?”

I was trying to read, but this small one would not leave me alone; his peering eyes and querulous voice persistent.

I keep my eyes on the book.

“Which would you rather?”

It is a game he likes to play; presenting us with difficult choices for entertainment.

Usually the two choices involve nasty things to eat, so I am a little surprised at these options. For those unenlightened ones, Lucy Mae is our Boston Terrier…and the love of my son’s life.

“Ummm. Well, the Bible is eternal, and it is how God talks to me, so I have to have it.”

Eyes remain on words unseen.

“Would you rather the world have the Bible, or you?”

“Do you mean, if I had to give up my life for others to have the Bible, would I do it?”


I set my book down.


He studies my face.

“What if there weren’t any Bibles?”

“God would find a way to talk to us.”

“What if there weren’t any people to read the Bible?”

“If God wanted to, he’d create more.”

These were deep thoughts. Furrowed brow considers.

“I wonder what it feels like to not be created yet.”

“Probably nothing.”


“Yes. If you’re not born, you can’t feel anything.”

“I’ve felt nothing before.”

“You’ve felt nothing?”

“Yeah. I jumped up in the air when I wasn’t wearing any clothes and nothing was touching me. So I felt nothing.”

Now it was my turn to consider. I picture this sprite, white skin shimmering, soaring through air.

It seems the picture of joy.

It makes me smile.

But still, I have no response to such a train of thought.

My mind is not free enough.


  1. says

    Out of the mouths of babes…:)

    I remember the questions that I used to get asked when my boys were younger; sometimes I would just look at them with wonder….I couldn’t imagine where they came up with some of the questions, and then some of them would just humble me.:)

    God Bless,

  2. says

    Awesome questions, friend. I might have to borrow a couple of those! : )

    I think your son’s conversations with you are awesome.

    What a precious heart he has!

    Hugs to you, this day,

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