“I don’t know what it is about leaving and then returning home, but it makes me feel…hopeful.”

“Oh, honey. I’ve planned my life out for the better so many times on drives like these.”

We are driving back from Morgantown, having just watched the West Virginia Mountaineers beat the Auburn Tigers. The trees are glorious in this country, and I have spent the last half hour silent, eyes filled with blushing Maples and beaming Beeches.

This is his favorite—to drive with me beside him; listening to music…just being together.

And I realize it is my favorite too.

That is when I see it.

Amongst the reds and remnants of green, peeping out from behind the browning yellow of the Poplars: a brilliant orange, standing alone.

We are driving too fast to study the tree, but I see enough to recognize its singular beauty—its unique form.

Something about this lone sentinel in this patchwork of brilliant colors touches me. Brings to mind a moment during the game last night.

At one point, I noticed how the gold of the mountaineer fans filled the stadium–a wave of color. Bodies pressing together, moving together; individuals blurring into one body.

So many people.

I am just a drop in the ocean. I begin to feel as if I might drown.

An airplane flies over head and as I look up, I wonder how we look to God looking down.

Is this wave of gold beautiful to Him? Does He think it foolish to gather in such a way? Or does He rejoice to see the folly?

Mostly I imagine Him looking down at that mass of gold and seeing me. Because He always does. I am blaze orange to Him…peeping out from behind the gold. He sees my singular beauty.

Even when I cannot.

This thought, this knowledge—like a law of nature—anchors me and buoys me at the same time. No longer am I drowning.

Sheepishly, I feel the urge to wave at Him. But I restrain myself. My brother and sister-in-law, after all, are nonbelievers, and how would I explain that I am waving to God in the midst of 60,000 people?

So I wink instead. And smile. And for a moment, we have had this amazing intimate retreat, just Him and me.

Everything is worship.


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    Your writing and expression of the simplest, yet biggest, worship experiences just thrill me to read! Thank you for the beautiful image of your day and the little sneak peek of your time with God. Having lived in Virginia for 12 years and my son living in Blacksburg, VA for 6, I can see the mountains, the trees, and the colors vividly in my mind! Praise the Lord, He is glorious!

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    God must have been so tickled with you in that moment….giddy even.

    It reminds me of the times when my boys were younger and in church programs. They would scan the audience to find me, and once they did, they would grin really big and wave at me. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your sweet moment with God. You’re a treasure.
    God Bless,

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    Your beautiful heart written down draws me into the beauty of our Papa.

    What a picture you have painted for us to see and consider.

    I love how you write….

    I love your heart.


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    Ah…..another soothing post used by the Lord to calm down the turmoil in me.

    Just as I signed on to leave this comment, my computer notified me that I had a comment on my blog from you.

    I don’t know, but knowing we were reading each other’s blogs at the same time blesses my heart.

    Thanks for your friendship, Lee

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    As I watched WV vs Auburn the other day, I couldn’t help but think of you! What a beautiful description of your experience…the drive, the game, the trees, the crowds. You write so that others can join you in your experience. I had a small bit a worship with you as I read this morning. Beautiful!

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    You’re cute, Laura. You wanted to wave at God but was afraid how it’d look so you winked. How precious.

    You know only on the second look did I realize this leaf was in the shape of a heart. When I first logged on, I was struck by its brilliant color and contrast to the black/white hand.

    I love this picture. Did you notice also how precious and delicately the leaf is laying in the hands? Much like how we rest in God’s Hands or rather how He tenderly holds us…we don’t always rest in His Hands as we should. I know I don’t.
    I heart you,

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    I love the color of the heart leaf and how tenderly it is being held at 1st before I reaslized the leaf was a heart I was thinking how God hold each one of us in his hands, there are millions of us put he holds each one of us as if we are the only one (so lovingly and tenderly). I loved your word picture of the trees and all the fall colors that is one thing we do not get here in Florida.

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    This has been a lovely read, and I like now knowing that I am not the only one that smiles and waves and winks to God!!! Those moments like you described are so precious – just you and God. Makes you all warm and fuzzy deep down inside, doesn’t it!!!

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