A God Journey

The Lord sent me a rainy morning today. He knows how the soft patter soothes my soul. As I met with Him in our Usual Place, I found myself lying on my back, looking up out the window. As I watched, a single drop of water fell from the branch of an evergreen in my view. That tiny droplet held such beauty, twinkling like a diamond. I felt it land in my heart, splashing beauty around inside of me.

My head is still in the clouds.

I am thinking about my adventure. About the beauty of people moving together in mass. How we need to bunch together sometimes. That was something that amazed me about New York City–the sheer number of people, moving in time with me…walking to the rhythm of that city.

These eyes have never seen anything quite like it.

and I were of like mind.

“It seems a contradiction,” she says. “But being here makes me feel closer to God.”

“Yes,” says I. “I understand.”

And I did.

Something about this pulsing, jumping, breathing place revealed His glory in a way I had never seen.

Perhaps it was in the evidence of the quest for beauty…

Beautiful flowers in Central Park.

Beautiful performance of Phantom.

The Mall in Central Park.

Monet…ahhh, such beauty.

Or perhaps, in glimpses of the sharp contrast of His Creation and ours.

Sunset over concrete skyline.

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

Maybe it was the realization that people are the same everywhere…seeking, looking, longing to be filled. Yearning to love and be loved.


In the memory of tragedy…

St. Paul’s Chapel, across from Ground Zero. Service personnel were cared for by numerous volunteers here after 9/11.

In the rebuilding.

Ground zero.

Or just in trying to find a better view.

The Empire State Building from the top of Rockefeller Center–The “Top of the Rock”.

God is in these things.

He is in the pounding of the concrete with each step taken. The intake of breath at the beauty of a song. The rubbing of shoulders on a busy street. The scent of ethnic foods perfuming the air.

Times Square.

He is there.

In the hushed tones of an ancient cathedral.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

He is in the different tongues spoken, the different colors of skin.

He is there.

To find Him here both shatters me and fills me with unspeakable joy.

It quiets my spirit in the midst of the clatter.

Outside of Central Park.

It draws me closer to Him on this busy street.


These are His people.

View of people on lower viewing deck of “Top of the Rock”.

His poema—His masterpiece.

This weekend, in New York City, in the midst of a mass of people, amongst the noises of the city…I was drawn close to my Lord.


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    Seems another world to me…I can’t imagine the clutter and chaos that must come with living in such crowded conditions. That being said, I would love the opportunity to find God in the city, even as I have known him in the country.

    A beautiful reflection, Laura.


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    that was beautiful, just beautiful. I love NYC. When I leave a huge city, it always blows me away that God knows the hair on every single head.

    I need to trust Him today…


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    Amazing perspective! I would have never imagined you experiencing God like you did in such a large city. I loved reading and seeing the pictures and am in awe of the way the Lord was near to you in this adventure. Thank you friend for sharing your “God Journey”.

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    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful trip. Your post gave me goose bumps. I will never forget my time in NYC last March.
    I showed your post to my mom today and she said that you are a beautiful woman and a very gifted writer. I had to show her the pictures of the places we had visited as well.
    My mom and I were looking (just for fun) at prices today online in case we could save up to go again in March.
    Again, I’m glad all went well and so glad that you felt God’s presence.

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    What a beautiful description of a time that will not be forgotten, where God was revealing His glory and you were soaking it up. Well written and pictures that cause my heart to want to go there again too!
    I am glad that your time was a blessing.
    Your blog is a blessing to me.

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    I love that you saw New York through God’s eyes. I would have loved to have been there with you.

    What a blessing of a trip!

    God Bless,

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    Beautiful….I could read your stuff all day!

    “….glimpses of the sharp contrast of His Creation and ours,”

    reminds me of a fourth of July here in sunny AZ. We went to a local high school for the fireworks display, and a huge lightening display seemed to compete with the fireworks. Everytime a burst of man-made pyrotechnics exploded into the air, an even more spectacular sky-full of lightening awed my soul. It was one of those memories that will never leave me. I think God won the contest by the way!

    Thanks for using your way with words to make my life more beautiful, Lee

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    Isn’t it amazing that in one of the cities referred as “sin city” His children can still fill and see Him. Awesome. I love all of your pictures, especially those outdoors with God’ creation: sun, flowers, nature.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Great Pics!
    I love visiting New York,but I am a country girl.

    Looks like you had a great time.Did you get any shopping in?It’s my favorite thing to do when I visit.

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    Wonderful reflection of your trip, Laura! If I ever get the chance to visit NYC, I don’t think I will look at it the same way I would have prior to reading your beautiful post. Thank you!

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