We walk.

On this beautiful fall day under a clear blue sky—we walk.

I give him the camera, curious…what will he find beautiful?

This boy, who, while still in baby fat began his vocabulary with the names of construction vehicles—this boy, leads me up the meadow to the construction site.

This place has seen the death of trees. Watching them fall brought tears to my eyes.

But this:

This is beauty to him.

I see through his eyes for a while, as he points and clicks…

Ahhh, says I, the sky is so blue. See how the tops of the trees kiss blue?

His eyes follow my gaze.

Point and click.

He is seeing through my eyes too.

He is quiet, as he ponders…

What is beautiful?


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    I often give my camera to my little girl and she snaps some weird and wonderful things. Her latest fascination is with Jacaranda trees, and we go “Jacarandie” spotting on our way to and from pre-school. It’s really rather sweet and a memory I must hold dear too. Kids are amazing, and sent to us as a reminder that we must delight in the world and people through child0like eyes. In Him, Paula 🙂

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    While the perspective changes are merely corporeal – does this give understanding into how the Lord sees us through His eyes?

    We see one thing in us that we think it is beautiful. But the Lord finds something totally different with His eyes that HE sees as beautiful.

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    What is beautiful? That is a good question.

    Perspective makes all the difference. I was telling “Shelly” something very similar last night.

    We were talking about a funny photo that our mutual friend shared of some spilled milk on her kitchen floor. It was a Wordless Wednesday funny photo…about her son’s mess in the kitchen, but I remember just noticing what a beautiful kitchen tile floor that she had. (We need our kitchen floor replaced, badly, so my perspective was what a lovely floor…I didn’t even notice the spilled milk.)

    Although, it was a very funny post, seeing as how I have raised two boys myself and encountered many a glass of spilled everything.;)

    I love that you let your son take the camera and show you what he thinks is beautiful and interesting.

    You’re a sweet mommy!
    Big hugs,

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    I will say that my 26 year old son would take the same pictures of beautiful as your little one. He just loves ‘de’struction. I suppose that is why he works with heavy equipment.

    I love the perspective through both of your eyes. To God we are all beautiful no matter what we look like.

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    a john deere tractor, and mowing with Daddy… according to Caleb.

    a sippy cup of cold milk, and getting picked up out of the crib after a nap… according to Christian.

    seeing my children smile… according to me.

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    I agree with Lelia….you are an incredible mom. I also loved what Amy wrote about the spilled milk.
    What is beautiful? I’m noticing more of God’s beauty every day that I live. I want to experience everything I can and not miss a thing.
    Right now just down the hall an 80 year old man who is a true servant in every sense of the word, is hammering and drilling….putting in a new water fountain for us. I left my camera at home charging, but have already thought two or three times I wish I could snap a picture of this precious man!
    That is what is beautiful to me at this moment.
    It’s going to be another beautiful weekend in the great state of Oklahoma! Cool mornings and up into the 70’s in the afternoons.
    Have a great weekend, Laura!

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    So true that children provide a completely different perspective. I do have to admit that last summer when I climbed Mt. Borah with my husband we too were compelled to take pictures of piles of rocks. They were fascinating to us!
    Loved this post, Laura.

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    I do what Paula does and hand my camera over to my 7 year old, to see what he sees, and to also share my passion for photography!!! He’s taken some wonderful shots and I’ve learnt more about his interests and thought more about his sensitivites and his curiosities. And likewise, as your son has done with you, my boy is learning to look up and out and discover more, and isn’t it gorgeous to be part of it!!!

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    I love the movement from him to you and back, a dance of intention and questioning and discovery and pleasure.

    So glad you “played.” So glad I came and sat on the fringe of the sandbox… to watch, delight.

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