Flexibility and Grace

My friends,

We have arrived at the Big Apple, and I am thrilled to have access to a computer to say hello–if only briefly, too much to see and do! Our flight out of Charleston was delayed, and so, we missed Phantom last night. But God is so good, He had prompted me to get insurance on the tickets, so we were able to exchange them, no problem! Pastor-friend and I decided that the theme of our weekend would be flexibility and grace! Man has his plans, but God has better ones, right?

Frederick has been wowed by the sights. We are both inexperienced travelers, and we were blessed with the window seats on both flights. I was unable to keep my eyes from drifting over my world disappearing below me the entire trip.

We flew into the city just as dusk approached. The sun was setting, giving the sky a warm glow. I truly felt like I was entering another world as we soared above this city of lights. The Statue of Liberty stood sentinel over it all and the beautiful mixture of water, lights, and sky nearly brought Frederick to tears.

We are staying in the East Village, and last night took a little walking tour. A film crew was shooting a scene (we think for Law and Order) right there in the middle of the street! We had a snack at a busy little club called the Coffee Bar. Both Sharon and I felt like we were not nearly cool enough to sit amongst the beautiful people lingering there! The food was delish, and tasted better for the change of scenery!

Today, we plan on visiting the 9-11 Memorial, seeing Phantom, and doing some general sight-seeing.

This morning, as I dozed in and out of sleep, I just kept thanking God for this opportunity. This country girl has wide eyes. I am planning on taking it all in!

Thank you so much for your prayers. You all bless me tremendously!

Frederick sends kisses!


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    ~Proverbs 16:9
    In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.~

    I just read this verse on another post….and I thought it was appropriate for your post as well.;)

    Sounds like so much fun, eating at a busy little city club, seeing a teevee show being filmed, and everything you are doing today sounds awesome! I pray that you have the time of your life.

    Oh, and make sure to take tissues for Fredrick during “Phantom,” you know, just in case.;)

    Much love,

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    It’s great that you have computer access. What a gracious hostess.

    I am so excited for you to be in NYC.

    When you go to ground zero be sure to find St. Paul’s Church. It’s right there across the street and is very worth going inside for a bit. It was a moving experience.

    God is good and He has already shown you grace and favor.
    How fun that you saw the filming for the television show or movie.

    Ok….I’d better quit talking. You gals (and Frederick) have a fun day and a great time at Phantom of the Opera.”

    Love ya!

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    Hey friend,
    I am so thrilled that you are having such an awesome time.

    I have never been to NYC and only been on an airplane twice… I was 47, can you believe it. Flew to Colorado and back for Captivating Retreat. I didn’t have a window seat, and wasn’t too sure I wanted to look out the airplane, but I did… and it was beautiful, as we flew over the Rocky Mountains.

    I pray you have a wonderful trip home…


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    You’re in New York!!! How exciting! Have a wonderful and safe time. You HAVE to take a carriage ride through Central Park, right?! I did that almost 21 years ago – it feels like yesterday, and I still get this most amazing, excited feeling when I go down Memory Lane. Enjoy!

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    Yes, the Lord plans are much different than ours…much better especially in hindsight when we can “see” it, huh?

    I’m so glad this country girl is getting this experience. What a true blessing from GOD!

    Glad to hear from you if only for a bit.

    Love ya,

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