“Her biggest fear is that she will be average.”

My friend’s smile beamed at me over her lunch. She was talking about her daughter, recently sent off to college—and making her mama proud.

I thought about the dark-haired beauty. This sweet girl is a gifted musician, bilingual, exceedingly socially skilled, and apparently pretty darn smart.

I smiled back at her mama.

“I don’t think she needs to worry about that.”

It reminded me of an incident early in my career. A young girl, maybe 15 or 16, came into the office with her mother for psychological testing. The girl was doing fine in school, making all As and Bs; but she excelled in some areas and struggled in others. She and her mother wanted a clearer picture of her abilities.

And so they came to see me.

After a few hours of testing, they left and came back the following week for feedback. I watched their faces fall as I explained that the young girl’s IQ was in the “average” range.

This was a bright young girl who was very articulate and social. I felt compelled to counsel this sweet child on more than the statistical significance of her scores.

I explained that most of the population falls in the average range of IQ scores. That’s why it’s called “average”. This is nothing to be ashamed of, says I.

I went on to explain that just because the label is “average”, that does not mean that she is not special. We talked about the things that make her special and the many contributions that “average” folks have made in our world.


In a society that takes pride in individualism, it is an ugly word. No one wants to be described as “average”.

It makes us feel invisible. Indistinguishable from the masses. Boring.

Friends, we are anything but.

The God of all creation looks down on us and sees every distinguishing characteristic about us. He doesn’t miss one detail. After all, He made us. And He calls us His “masterpiece”. The word used in this verse (Eph. 2:10) is poema—from which we get the word poem.

Have you ever written a poem, friend? Did you struggle to get it just right? Mull over the words at length? Dream about them?

God has made you just as He desires you to be. He planned and agonized over you. You are His poem.

The next time I start feeling “average” or insignificant, I think I will read some of my favorite poetry. Or go to a museum and take in an art exhibit. Or just listen to some music that I love. There is something about being surrounded by beauty that resonates deep inside of me. I believe it is because God left his fingerprints on my heart. My soul cries out in recognition of a kindred work of art.

Created by the Master Craftsman.

A Masterpiece.

There’s nothing average about that.


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    What beautiful thoughts!

    I once had a teacher say I was simple,which I have never forgotten. But knowing that I’m God’s maaterpiece,I guess you can now call me…simply a masterpiece 🙂

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    I love this we are masterpieces, His miracles. As my Brinn grows, I always tell her that she is a special creation from God one of his many miracles.

    My husband and I make sure that she knows that a test score or a report card does not define her value. That her value is found in God. Something I’m still learning to do.

    Makes me think of that Third Day Song, Keep on Shining. There’s a part that says. “You your a miracle anything but typical, it’s time for the whole wide world to know.

    Haven’t read the Yes to God posts yet, like to wait until I post mine.

    Have a great day.


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    Somewhere, I think in the Psalms, it talks about us being fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s good to know we are equipped for the things God would have us do.

    I think most people struggle with feelings of inadequacy, at times, some more than others, maybe.

    Praise God for reminding us we are his, and were made by him!

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    I have been reaching for “average” my whole life! I have always known I have fallen short of it! ; )

    I love the line:
    “My soul cries out in recognition of a kindred work of art. Created by the Master Craftsman.”

    Lovely indeed!

    Your words impact my life!!!!


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    Nothing average at all. The only thing average is the number identifying our intelligence. I suspect that some of the greatest artist, musician, writers, etc. have a low IQ. IQ is only a number. I always heard that we shouldn’t know our IQ because it can limit us to believe we could only achieve up to that level.
    Thanks for reminding me I am a masterpiece of the Great Master.
    Love ya,

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    Friend, the story you write here reminds me of my own. I didn’t learn the way they taught in public school. I was hands on, visual. I couldn’t learn auditory. Throughout my school years I thought I was just dumb. After all I struggled to make it.

    When I was in my early 20’s I dated a psychology major. He asked me if he could do an IQ test on me. I didn’t want him to because I didn’t want him to find out how stupid I was. He then asked me if he could just ask me a few questions. So I let him. What could it hurt? When he finished he graded it and announced to me that my intelligence was average. I was estatic. You mean I’m not stupid after all? I was thrilled to be average instead of stupid.

    It’s amazing how things can speak to us about our value isn’t it?

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful heart!


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    Laura, I love that you didn’t just let that girl walk out of there believing that she was ‘only average’. Not everyone would have taken the time to do what you did.

    I just love the way your mind works.

    His masterpieces – LOVE THAT!

    I’ve always known that I was anything BUT average…but I never thought about being a masterpiece.

    Wow! Now I feel special 😉

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    I know I’ve said this probably every time I visit here, but I love the way you write Laura!!!!

    I’m still trying to get over the post where your son was afraid to go outside and then you both were talkin’ to God. ~sigh~

    Please keep sharing…xoxo

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    Your words are beautiful, Laura. And how I love the idea of being one of God’s masterpieces. You are so right…there is nothing average about that!

    Like Shelly said, “Now I feel very special!”

    Big hugs,

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    The (NLT) states Eph 2:10 as “For we are God’s Masterpiece.”

    I have always loved that verse.

    He does create us beautifully and uniquely different.

    Bless you, Cindy

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    It may take some work for me yet to really see in myself the masterpiece that He sees. I guess I have really bought into the fact that “average” is good enough, that I should be thankful just to be “average”. I’ve always wanted to reach for the masterpiece, but never been allowed to standout of the crowd or draw attention to myself… even for His sake. I’m definitely in a rebuilding phase. Much more to learn. What an excellent picture you’ve painted for me, today.
    Thank you!

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    None of us are ‘average’. No one is average if they are loved. They are SOMEBODY! That is who we are in Christ. A loved somebody.

    What a beautiful post. You bless my day, without a doubt, friend!


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    I enjoyed this post so much! I am always trying to convey to my girls that we are daughters of the King!!! And as such we are wonderfully made,average? HA!
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog,I really appreciate you taking the time to visit little old me!!

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