Crazy Quilt

My yard loo ks like a crazy quilt right now.

Though I know the responsible thing to do would be to rake it all away– it gives me such a jolt of joy each time I gaze upon it that I cannot bear to erase nature’s beauty!

Wednesday night I am having a special Thanksgiving dinner for our youth group and my heart is anticipating the crunch of their feet through this amazing shag of color.

Perhaps after Wednesday I will have the bearing to rake?

Thanksgiving makes me giddy with joy. Though I have been attempting a pervasive attitude of gratitude since joining the Gratitude Community, to have a season set aside for this purpose warms me through and through.

I’ve been collecting gratitude.

It piles up around me like these leaves that need raking. Feeds my spirit and draws me closer to Him.

For we owe it all to Him, do we not?

It’s all His.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17)


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    I love yards carpeted with beautiful leaves………I love to crunch through them myself. Fall is my favorite season…….It has a crispness about it………the leaves, the air, the beauty!

    I love your “crazy quilt” pictures. Thank you for sharing!


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    oh, yes, my friend! I, too, love fall! What a glorioous expression of His glory all around us! I had not seen it as a quilt..but my own backyard does resemble a colorful quilt…perfect analogy! 🙂

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    Hi Laura,

    I’ve been checking in on you, even when I’m not up to posting.

    You have a thankful spirit and a grateful heart all year long.

    Just from reading your blog, it’s obvious where this comes from. Your walk with a Father and your security in HIS love.

    It just frees you up to look around and give HIM praise and glory for the simplest of gifts – Autumn leaves and the sounds they make when you “crunch them”.

    I love your Spirit! When it’s one with HIS it’s serenity is a reflection of HIS peace!

    Blessings and prayers,

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    Beautiful, my friend…. isn’t it splendor to see the colors spreading across the ground?

    We were driving to breakfast on Saturday (my husband and I for a date) and there was this one mountain peak the had the sun shining down on it. The beauty of the sun radiating on the colors was breathtaking. I wish I had had my camera….

    Tis truly the palette of our Creator!

    Have a blast on Wednesday!


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    We raked our leaves the other day… but for sliding into and throwing in the air and burying ourselves in a “leaf blanket”! Oh what fun we had and I still haven’t had it in me to rake them to get ride of. We are enjoying them as long as we can.

    I have benefited much from your attitude of gratitude! I am thankful for you this evening, friend.

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    “I’ve been collecting gratitude.
    It piles up around me like these leaves that need raking.”

    But – we don’t have to rake up gratitude…just let it pile up all around….the more the better for all.

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    I love all of the beautiful fall colors too. I think it is the most beautiful season that we have.

    And I just love your attitude of gratitude. It’s contagious and something that so many of us need to practice more of. Have a blessed evening!

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    Your yard is simply beautiful!

    I don’t blame you at all for not raking yet. I think it’s such a special part of fall to see the yards covered with the colorful leaves.

    Plus, they just keep coming until the trees are bare, so….

    Thanks for sharing & I hope you have a fun night with the youth.


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    Oh….those leaves! I’ve already told you I have a weakness for fall leaves…..I must come visit you in the fall, for I know we will meet one of these days!

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