In His Hands…

The past couple of days, I have seen my first dark-eyed juncos at the feeder. These darling little birds, affectionately called “snowbirds” by my mother-in-law, come to us when the air turns frosty and the promise of winter is in the air.

These first glimpses of their slate-colored bodies and snowy white breasts always give me a thrill. Their visits feel like Christmas to me.

A new season is coming.

Promise is in the air.

But, the air has been heavy.

My sister-friends have had many words to say since the election. Perhaps there is no thing more dividing than politics.

I only pray that we remember love.

Sister-friends, I am not here to judge. Can man discern the mind of God? We must not assume that ours is the only choice that was made with careful consideration and prayer. Let us respect one another that much.

I am choosing, as Paul exhorted, to focus on, “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

For it is true, as has been said often in the past several days, we are in God’s hands.

Not just today, or tomorrow, but always.

I love you all, dear sisters.

(If you are wondering how a Christain who is concerned about abortion could vote for Barack Obama, and truly want to understand, go here…and here. If you are interested in reading more thoughts about Christians who support Obama, visit here and here. If you think that the economy is not tied to the abortion rate, you might want to read this.)


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    Great post. God is not a God of fear. Whatever the future holds He is already there—we don’t go alone. His prevention goals are probably much different than what we are hoping to prevent. Trying to remember the spiritual perspective.

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    His ways are not our ways…PRAISE HIM! We are so short sighted. I say whoever we voted for, we have a new president. It’s time to pray for him as he will soon enter a very important office and see the overwhelming work that is to be done.

    God is in control!

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    Well said, Laura.

    I wanted to tell you that tomorrow I am posting the picture of my cross stitch that you wanted to see…especially for you.;)

    Have a lovely evening, sweet friend.
    God Bless,

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    I haven’t enjoyed this election one bit. I wasn’t a “big fan” of either candidate. I’ve never really liked politics, because it’s so hard for me to trust anything I read. Yet I’ve never felt it okay to just throw up my hands and not at least “try” to understand candidates and their views.
    I appreciate the links… more to read and filter through. I’m curious to see where our country will be in 10 years. Like you, I am thankful that I am in God’s hands.

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    Well said. Thank you for the sites. I briefly cruised them and they put me more at ease with our new President.

    You are so right. The Lord is in control and He’s already gone ahead of us. However, I do believe we are heading toward worse times (nothing to do with Obama) but rather because we are very close to the end times. Prophecy is being played out: weather, politics, Israel, evil, Gospel spread, etc.

    I can say I’m glad the election is over and we can get on with our mission without that distraction.

    I love how Sheryl above said: His ways are not our ways”. I just love to see that and remember what He has done with me and my blog.
    Love you, girlfriend.

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    I utterly despise election years. I have a major phobia of confrontation, and during election time, people are so inpatient, judgmental, and argumentative.

    While I voted for McCain, my support now lies behind the president-elect. I am training my kids to respect the individual in office even if they don’t agree with some of his policies. I am looking forward to seeing what God will do in and through our country in the years to come.

    And, Laura…thank you for your sweet friendship to me…your comment on my blog really gave me comfort. Love you.

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    I whole-heartedly agree. Well said.

    Regardless of who we elect, it is of no surprise to God. He can work anything for His good, but it is definitely time for Christians to get active and stay active and pray.


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    thanks for this much needed reminder…too many are posting about their thoughts/ disappointments from the election rather than remembering Who is actually in control and with a plan!

    Also, love the new background!!

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    A lot has been said about change……may it be for the better……even for the best!
    We have such a responsibility to pray for our leaders.
    Have been thinking of Daniel in Babylon……..he had plenty of reason to disrespect those in authority over him, but he always demonstrated a respectful attitude. We, as the church should be different than the world. Our attitudes should reflect our Lord Jesus Christ. You are so right, Laura, we would all be so much healthier…….our country would be healthier…..our world would be healthier if we would all make a decision to think on right things! Thank you for stepping up to the plate and reminding us to do so…….!

    I bless you, my dear sister!

    Your words are always seasoned with grace!


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    Where God leads this country He will be right in our midst no matter who is in charge. As sisters in Christ we should be encouraged by this fact.

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    I love your list of what you have learned. Great lessons to have learned from a great God.

    Thanks for your comment about the skit. I appreciate it.You are always so encouraging.

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