Looking Up

One of the last things my eyes see before they close for the night is the sky.

One of my evening responsibilities is to take Lucy Mae for her final outing before I retire. Since we do not have a fence around our yard, and since I do not trust our furry baby not to run after critters, this requires me to leash her up and romp her around the house.

What started out as a nuisance has now become one of my favorite Godstops. For as soon as I step one foot on the porch, my eyes are drawn upward. And I cannot look up at that vast expanse without instantly connecting with Him.

Some of our most intimate moments have occurred in that last walk around my house in the evening. Whether the sky is clear and filled with stars, or illuminated by a sheath of clouds, He always reveals Himself to me.

The past couple days, I’ve been a little blue. Wishing my husband would spend some special time with me, wishing my children wouldn’t bicker so, wishing a genie would suddenly appear and magic my house into order…

But when I look up at the sky, these feelings melt away. Because my Heavenly Father seeks me. He pursues me in this ordinary moment. He tenderly whispers things eternal in my ear. He woos me with His love.

“I feel lonely, Lord,” I might say, as I think of the movie I’ve been asking Jeff to take me to see for three weeks.

“Jeff has been so busy,” is His reply. “He needs some time for himself right now. Let him relax. Come be with me for a time; I’ll keep you company.”

And He might burn a shooting star across the sky. Or unveil the moon from behind a cloud…or open my ears to the night sounds so sweet.

“The boys are driving me crazy!” I say. “They cannot be together two minutes without arguing.”

“Remember Jacob and Esau?” He gently reminds me. “These times will pass if you show them your love. They need to feel valued for who they are. Celebrate their uniqueness with them. They both need your love more than anything right now.”

“I’m just tired,” I might say.

“Come to me and rest,” He replies.

For every broken thought, He is there.

He seeks me in this ordinary moment. All because I chose to look up.

He pursues. Passionately.

Look up, Dear Ones. Look up.


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    That is where I am attempting to go. In the places where I can look up ~ I lift up my eyes to the hills ~ where does my help come from? It is the Lord~

    Bless you, Cindy

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    Thank you for this sweet reminder. I’m been in pit of depression and gloom myself for several days. Whom am I kidding, weeks and months but it seems intensified lately. I needed this reminder.

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    What a beautiful post. I always like the time I have with God at night when everyones asleep, some how it just seems more intiment. It’s then that I hear his voice.


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    “But when I look at the sky, these feelings melt away. Because my Heavenly Father seeks me. He pursues me in this ordinary moment. He tenderly whispers things eternal in my ear. He woos me with His love.”

    I love this, Laura!

    I love it when I recognize my Lord in ordinary moments. I long to be aware of every blessing that He purposely plants in every day.

    So grateful that He is so creative with His abundance of blessings. He has beautiful ways of touching my heart. I pray for a tender heart that sees.

    Keep writing……….you have a beautiful gift.

    Blessings, sweet friend!

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    I love the night sky, but I get so wrapped up in math homework, cooking supper, and posting blogs that I seldom get out there to just look up. I am going out there right now, and I’m taking my weary husband with me. A walk around the block will do us both good.

    Have I told you lately how much you bless me? I want to hug your neck one of these days.

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    I too have enjoyed the night sky even more now since we don’t have “people to see” and “places to go”.

    “For every broken thought, He is there.”

    To be honest I’ve never initiated the conversation like this… maybe it’s about time I did.

    Thanks for sharing your special time with Him. I’ve much to learn!


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    All 3 of my boys had to do a astronomy project in the 7th grade that drove me crazy!!! It was always assigned in March and required us to go outside late at night to find certain stars. I live in southeastern PA–it is COLD in March late at night. I just HATED this assignment. But I do love the stars and the endless night sky–it is beautiful especially in the summer/fall when it is a bit warmer.

    I love how your “chore” of walking Lucy Mae has become a highlight in your day!

    thanks for the reminder to look up!

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    That’s what I’m trying to do…in everything give Him praise and glory for all He has done. I don’t want to take any opportunity for Him to show off for granted. Oh that we would all take opportunities (like taking the dog out at night before retiring)to see God…really see Him and His marvelous works.
    Love you!

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    Thank you so much for this post. I don’t have an animal but I think I will step outside tonight before I go to bed and just spend some time with the Creator of this great universe.

    I love reading your blog!


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    Hey, Lady,

    Thanks for the reminder. For I am where you are: “wishing my children wouldn’t bicker so, wishing a genie would suddenly appear and magic my house into order…” Or if I could just twitch my nose…

    I think I’d prefer to volunatarily look up rather than having to be put into a position where all I can do is look up.

    Thanks again for the reminder.


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    Ok, this was really good too. Yesterday I didn’t have a lot of time to read. Tonight the kids are gone to the grandparents house…

    I loved the conversation you wrote out that you have with God. That is really cool. I can’t count the number of conversations I have had with him as I have sat outside, in the back yard, at the firepit. The fire going to keep me warm, and the stars overhead to remind me He is there. Oh the conversations… the yelling at Him into a blanket (to muffle my voice and not scare the neighbors!!) the crying… the rejoicing…

    god is so good. I am so thankful He woos us…
    Thanks again for the reminder to look up… as always, there is no better place to fix our eyes.
    Love you and God bless,

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    Oh Laura, I could have written this post myself. My husband is never home and my boys always fight. And I have been fighting tears for a week which is so unlike me. I almost took my dog out last night and didn’t. I think I will tonight. And I will look up. And if I need to spill the tears before God, I will.

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