Love Never Fails

Feeling empty.

I have measured my value by man’s eyes, not God’s.

And I am shattered.

But He ministers in this place.

He empties me out.

Tenderly brushes away these places that are not of Him.

Hollows with expert hands.

The pain is unbearable at times–

You are the Bread of Life…

You are the Living Water…

Why am I left hungry?

Panting, parched?

He whispers love over me.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Mine, others…

His Great Love covers me.

He gives me eyes of love.

Just hold me, Lord. Just hold me.


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    Laura, I have been there…actually, there is always a part of me there, always desperate for the love and touch of God. I think it is a blessing that you see it for what it is. You see where you have reached for man’s approval. That is a gift; for we all do it, but we don’t all recognize it and find release from it in the love of Christ.

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    Oh WOW! Laura, I wish I had put that song on my post.

    The part of your post that really spoke to me was, “You are the Bread of Life…You are the Living Water…Why am I left hungry? Panting, parched?”

    Wow! Why? I desire to be filled completely with HIM.



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    HIS love is perfect!

    I was having a hungry, panting, & parched day yesterday…a real cranky pants…but after praying and hearing some soul stirring music…he whispered his love over me too.

    I wish it could be ALL the time that I feel his prescence but life overtakes me…

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    Your words and the song are beautiful, Laura.
    I often feel that same way. So often, actually.

    God bless you, my sweet friend.
    Much love,

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    That’s a beautiful song and such a lovely way to start my morning….knowing HE is Love. He is EVERYTHING!

    Thanks for sharing this today.

    Be blessed and bask in Love today!

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    The pain is unbearable at times! Yes it is……..and then He sees our emptiness and longing for His holiness and He takes the pitcher of Living Water and begins to pour……..and it overflows us…..and our brokenness becomes a testimony of His sweet tenderness. What a beautiful Jesus!
    My love to you!

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    Ha. We have the same name but more than that we have the bond of Christ. He knows our deepest needs. Something that I prayed for this morning is that I would not go from thing to thing or person to person to fill my cup but that I would continue to go to GOD and let him fill every part of me.
    God just doesn’t love us, he is love!

    In him,

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    Oh friend, I loved that song….
    Now I’ve gotta go and look for it on Itunes. It’s perfect! I just finished catching up on all your blog entries.

    I’ll visit those comment sections now.


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