Saturday Morning

Sunlight outside of window. Eyes follow as black-capped chickadees flit around feeder. Music lifts from adjoining room. And I clean the kitchen…spinning and twirling as pans are scrubbed.

It is Saturday–and we feel her joy.

The days of this past week have not been spent…They have been invested. They rest in our bank of memories.

I pull one out. And it has already increased in value.

Love has amazing returns.

I reflect today, Dear Ones.

I do not want to wait until the memory is old and brittle; the bills cracked and worn. I take them out, and, as gold, polish them up occasionally.

As I sort through these treasures, I marvel at the wealth. I am rich in love.

It is one of the great mysteries—how the more I give away, the more I seem to have.


How blessed we are to have His.

And as I twirl and dip to this song of love, His is wrapped up in mine.

All that I have…He gives to me. I have these things because of His Great Love.

This knowledge leaves me breathless and broken.

I kneel on this kitchen floor. And at this makeshift altar I give my offering.

This life is His.

Everything is His.


  1. says

    Laura….I love it!
    I’m feeling the same way this beautiful Sat. morning.
    Life is good, God is good….I want to dance and enjoy every single minute He allows me to be here on this earth.
    It’s another beautiful day here in OK and I’ve not got anything to do today or anywhere to go. I’m being very lazy! I plan to watch football this afternoon and evening and remain lazy!
    Continue dancing with the Lord all day long, Sister!

  2. says

    I love how you say this:
    “The days of this past week have not been spent…They have been invested.”

    Once again, a beautiful perspective. Thank you for your uplifting thoughts this weekend.


  3. says

    My Saturday morning was similar ~ quiet home ~ doing dishes ~ listening to Terry MacAlmon ~ worshiping ~ feeling His love and His presence.

    You have such a beautiful way of expressing His love.

  4. says

    While I was just swept away by the beauty of what you just wrote, I had to laugh at the thought of me kneeling on my kitchen floor. It is so sticky from little boys spills that I would probably get stuck there! Ha….sorry…not spiritual, but real. I will think of this post next time I wash dishes….I don’t believe I’ve ever worshipped while scrubbing pans before, but every act can be worship is we do it as unto the Lord, huh? And how bout thanking God for the husband and sons who made the messes rather than hollar at them for making them….I think I’ll try that, too. would probably make the joy factor in our home go WAY up!

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