Sleeping In

Sleeping in….

Awakened by sunlight streaming through the window.

I hear the boys downstairs, doing what boys do.

Still, I don’t stir.

I remember days, early in our covenant, when we would lie like this—side by side, late into the morning.

Then, there were no children to care for…no pressing commitments.

Just he and I.

I turn on my side and study his face in the morning light.

My heart leaps at this still sleeping.

The beauty I see is not visible to the eyes of others.

It is the beauty of the passing of time.

I stumble around in my mind to remember—to remember those days of sleeping in—and the time written on his face humbles me. My heart is melting.

My mother’s ears still hear…a rustling downstairs…they are getting into the donuts. These sweet treats I bribe with…so I can have this treasure, this time in the morning sun.

Later, we will rake the leaves—yes, this glorious quilt must be lifted and shaken out—

We will work side-by-side…

Just he and I.

And I notice–we are alone together more these days.

Boys have other interests now, often tire of our grown up ways.

So we learn to be together this way again.

We find this precious jewel that has been forgotten. And we handle it carefully, with tender hands.

The seasons of this life change; they flow one into another, and if we are careful, each will be more beautiful than the last.

And for this, I am thankful.

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I stand in awe of the endless gifts I have been given.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed, Beloved!

I’ll be…

Sleeping in.


  1. says

    Thank you for your post on my blog!
    God has used so many things to bring those on this blogging world who are united through Christ.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is blessed, too!

    Praise him!


  2. says

    A beautiful post. 🙂

    Even now, with ours still in need of our care – those moments where we can spend in the quiet alone together are a cherished time.

    Thankful for all the moments that have been shared….

    Thanks for your blessings.

  3. says

    Oh, Laura….your writing makes me cry sometimes because it’s so beautiful.

    I love the line that says the quilt must be lifted and shaken out.

    I love sleeping in with my sweetie, too…and I, too, bribe with donuts.

    Love you and feel so thankful to have you in my life, Lee

  4. says

    Love your post. So sweet, so thankful…

    I am so blessed. Tears fill my eyes.

    Thanks for commenting at my hubby’s blog. He truly appreciates it!


  5. says

    What beautiful words.

    I remember the days when sleeping in was a luxury,now when I can sleep in,I can’t. 🙂

    Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words,they mean a lot to me.

    Happy Thankingsgiving,

  6. says

    I love the way you treasure those special moments in your life. And you have the gift of stirring the rest of us into the awe of the simple gifts and joys of life. Thank you!
    Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

    Love you,

  7. says

    It’s so true isn’t it….the aging of love….

    I loved this post. I could relate in so many ways. Now more than ever we have time alone and it’s a time to rekindle those things that we once focused on.

    Your heart, as always, is beautifully displayed here.

    Love ya,

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