Friends, I’m a day late on our Bible study of Lisa Whittle’s book, Behind Those Eyes—got caught up in the excitement of election day and just never made it to post. I’ll try to do better next week!

This week’s chapter is entitled, We Are Completely Loved and Accepted Completely. Even the title of this one gives me chill bumps.

I felt like this chapter was a great big hug from God. I don’t know about you, but I have struggled with the limitations of human love most of my life. Even now, I tend to bruise easily in relationships. The Lord must often remind me that He is the only One capable of perfect love.

The words that Lisa quotes from Brennan Manning’s book Above All have made me determined to get my hands on this one. On page 137 she quotes:

“In my first ever experience of being loved for nothing I had done or could do, I moved back and forth between mild ecstasy, silent wonder, and hushed trembling…The moment lingered on in a timeless now, until without warning I felt a hand grip my heart. It was abrupt and startling. The awareness of being loved was no longer tender and comforting. The love of Christ, the crucified Son of God, took on the fury of a sudden spring storm. Like a dam bursting, a spasm of convulsive crying erupted from the depths of my soul. Jesus died on the cross for me…”

Have you ever had such a moment? Perhaps, like me, you experience the wonder of this truth over and over again. Sometimes it hits me out of the blue, and I am filled with joy. Sometimes it comes after much study and reflection.

Whatever the circumstance, when this knowledge grabs a hold of me, nothing else matters.

Only Him.

It’s so much better than falling in love.

It’s falling in love over and over. It’s staying in love. Passionately.

That’s how it is with Him. And it never changes.

Awesome, no?

Blessings, friends, and much love to you.


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    You have a beautiful way of putting things, as always.

    I love the title of your post. When I think of His love, I always think on these two words that set it apart: Unconditional, and Sacrificial.

    to the core.

    So blessed to be on this journey with you,

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    I hadn’t thought about it or put it into words quite like you… human limitations of love. I guess that is why it is so difficult to comprehend and accept God’s kind of love.

    Thanks for the insight.


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    God always reminds me of His love through the sunset and many other aspects of nature. I snapped a pic of the sunset on my phone tonight as I drove home from training two hours away. It was breathtaking and it wasn’t even one of those ones with orange, red, and purple. To see a sunset with a smidgen of purple is awesome. The fall colors wraps me in His love also.
    Love ya,

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    I did love this chapter too! And I love your insight on it – yes, a big hug from God.
    Perfect love.
    Unconditional and never changing!

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    Hi there,

    Got your comment on my blog…one of these days…we’ll have to get together with our guitar playing worship leadin’ hubbies and have some fun singing praises! 🙂

    Pass my hubby’s website address to your guy….he’ll probably love it…it’s all guitary stuff…way over my head! 🙂 toneslinger.com

    I long for what you described in your post….for the awesomeness of God’s love to just overcome me out of the blue. I get so bogged down in the craziness of life that I don’t be still long enough to experience that very often.

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    “I felt like this chapter was a great big hug from God……..I have struggled with the limitations of human love most of my life. Even now, I tend to bruise easily in relationships. The Lord must often remind me that He is the only One capable of perfect love.”

    Thank you for these beautiful words. They were for me. You put into words the cry of my heart.

    His presence is so amazing. I love it when He demonstrates it with beautiful things. But I also love to feel it when He settles His rest upon me and I just know that He is there. I expect Him to whisper sweet nothings to me in those moments.

    In His presence is fullness of joy.

    We were created to enjoy Him forever!

    He can bring healing where others have bruised. I am so grateful for His faithfulness and lovingkindness. Who is like Him?


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    I agres with your words here. It is truly a love relationship far better than anything else we expereince. I love how He shows up and surprises us with His blessings! This chater was a great big hug now we need to go and extend it to others so I am sendign you a big blog hug!!

    In His Graces~Pamela

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    What a fantastic way of putting finding God’s love, that it’s better than falling in love.

    You have such a way with words, your heart for God is so big, and the way you share it is with such love to share God’s joy with others.

    I’m so glad too that we’ve meet and are becoming friends.


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    Well, here I am at the Wellblog, with my friend, Laura…and I find myself reminded of His love for me this morning by the words in this post. Thank you, Laura.

    I do so wish we could sit and have coffee and conversation. I enjoy hearing your thoughts — they are rich and insightful. You have a gentle way about you, and your words guide. I am drawn to your quiet thoughtfulness.

    Bask in that “hug from heaven,” sister. He’s got many more where that came from! 🙂

    Lisa 🙂

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