A Night With the Boys

We huddle together, craning necks to see.

It is part of this season, this gathering of parents.

We sit in classroom chairs in this gymnasium, cameras held aloft…

Waiting for our special ones.

The music begins, and I see him.

My little elf.

He has been singing these songs under his breath for weeks…waiting for his chance to shine.

They file in, all red and green and sparkly—take their places on the risers and wait for their cue.

When they lift voice in song—

I smile.

He sings with all his heart…it runs in the family.

He dips and sways with breath and I feel the song of his heart.


For what would Christmas be without the Fourth Grade Program?

After, there is much applause, and we take in a treat at Dairy Queen to celebrate.

The blessings of the season fall upon us.

It is not often we four have time like this to just be together.

It makes them silly.

These three boys of mine.

When I run in the store to pick up some extra lights, I return to find them gone.

They hide from me in the dark corner of the parking lot…all three roaring with laughter at my search.

When I approach, they stare at me from locked door. Husband snaps a picture of me waiting.

All this tells me what I already know:

Boys are weird.

But I love ‘em!

Be together, this holiday, dear ones.

Get silly together.

Let the giddiness of the season hold you for a while.

The joy is tangible.


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    So many memories of programs long past. ahhhhh, excuse me while I ponder those memories for a while.

    Okay, I’m back, remembering a sweet song about “good things come in little packages” with daughters dressed up in boxes all wrapped so pretty.

    I LOVE that all your boys mess with you. And he is a true blogger husband. One must always have pictures to document life—well it helps me when I’m peeking in. Your face was beautiful as you looked in with love. 🙂

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    Boys! Boys! Boys! I always dreamed of having a house full of daughters…….but the Lord knew that sons would take life over the top for me! I love having boys! I love their funny ways! They are full of unexpected and delightful joys!

    Your post takes me back…….Ashli was one of the baby spiders in the Charlotte’s Webb production in our town. Did she even have a line? I can’t remember……..but I do remember that I was thrilled to see her enter the stage in her spider costume…..it was black…..(eat your heart out, Spiderman!)

    And every program that my kids got to participate in….who can describe the feeling?

    So glad that your family had such a good time.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


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    Sweet. Aren’t Christmas programs grand. My eldest neice won’t have one this year as she’s in 2nd grade. My youngest neice will as she’s in K. For some reason their school only has it for K, 1, 3. They skip 2nd and then quit after

    I love the look on your face when hubby snapped your pic.

    Sounds like a joyful family.
    Love you, sweet one.
    Email me and update me on the happenings in your life/church/etc.

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    I am with ya, girl!! I, too, live surrounded by silly and weird boys! (my man plus 2) But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, either!! Merry Christmas, friend!

    I have an award for you at my place! 🙂

  5. says

    Aren’t Christmas programs with our young ones the best??? I just love how “into it” the get. 😀

    They are so cute!!

    HA HA!! Locking mommy out of the car…..very funny guys!! (sounds like something my gang would do 😉

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    Oh this Christmas program…let’s see…6,000 and counting for me! This rear has logged some hours craning my neck to see. Last night, both of mine were in the school program. Jadon was Joseph and Amelia simply sang. Somehow, I didn’t mind it as much this year. It was masterfully done, and as my children attend a Christian school, the true message of Christmas was added throughout. At the end, a local pastor even gave the audience a “moment of decision” for Jesus. Gotta love it.

    We, too, took our kids to get icecream at the end of the night. As I tucked them in, I wondered how many more lie in store for me. I’m not always grateful, but last night was different. It fit, made sense and brought me to my tears once again.

    Happy celebrating with your family. I would appreciate your prayers. I’m barely hanging on right now. So tired and having some physical issues that are weighing heavy on my mind.


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    Oh, I laugh when I read this, with a tear. I am the mother of two boys, now grown. (the daughter came later). Many times, I laughed at the shenanigans and realized the very same….boys are weird!
    I look forward to next week when I attend yet another Christmas Band concert. I cannot count how many I have been to, but I never tire of that waiting and watching as our special ones perform.
    Lovely and sweet.

  8. says

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, and yes, Virginia, boys are definitely weird. 😉

    And I love ’em!

    Laughing with my boys is the best feeling in the world.
    I’m glad that you have so much fun with yours too…and they with you.;)

    Happy Holidays, Laura!
    God Bless,

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    There is just nothing like little kids’ programs to get me all emotional. They are so precious!
    Our little preschool has a Christmas program this evening. I don’t really know any of the kids personally, but plan to go…just because. (I don’t have any little ones of my own right now) 🙁

    I am proud that your husband took a picture of you. You have a fun family!

  10. says

    I can not count how many concerts/plays I have “craned” my neck at too!! They always make me “teary-eyed”.

    As for the “weird”–yeah…I know all about “weird”, and it hasn’t gotten any better since they are older! But they think I am weird too! Ha, Ha

    One big happy but weird family!



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    Is it not the greatest thing to watch your child “Perform”?? At my daughters ballet recital… I thought that I would bust wide open.

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. I love the one with you waiting to get in the car… what a joke huh??


  12. says

    Don’t worry, Laura, my family always locks me out of the car, too! Chad yells, “Let’s leave Mommy!” and they all agree until he actually starts to pull away and then the Katie screams until he unlocks the door! If it weren’t for Katie, I would have been stranded a long time ago! (:

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