Forever Friends

I’ve never been good at saying goodbyes.

I cannot feel the sorrow until too late, it seems.

There is this hope in my heart of being together again. This hope is greater than the thought of separation.

Perhaps because, once in my heart, my loved ones are never far from me.

But the departure of a dear one warrants some recognition.

I said goodbye to my young friend, Nina, last night.

She is moving away from us…

And I will miss her.

I met these two beautiful ladies a few years ago in a writer’s class. We hit it off.

So every Tuesday evening we come together…to have a glass of wine and talk about writing, books, poetry, politics, family…whatever is on our hearts.

Sometimes we get silly.

Nina joined us a year or so ago.

Our little fledgling; finding her way on her own.

Her presence in my life has left marks of beauty.

Now we four are bound forever.

There is this promise:

Yes, there is this hope that we will meet together this way again.

Goodbye, my sweet friend, I love you!

The world is wide open…

Go now in peace,

Never be afraid.

God will go with you, each hour of every day.

Go now in faith,

Steadfast, strong and true.

Know He will guide you in all you do.

Go now in love,

And show you believe.

Reach out to others so all the world will see.

God will be there,

Watching from above.

Go now in peace, in faith, and

In love.


  1. says

    I, too, hate goodbyes. The sorrow can be overwhelming. I enjoyed the hope you speak of that one day you will one day meet again. What a beautiful day that will be; when we meet together again with the ones we’ve been separated from!
    May you, too, feel His comfort today!

  2. says

    It is a tough thing to be seperated from a close friend. I don’t believe though that true friendship ever suffers because of where you may be placed on the globe. T’is a very toughing poem…

  3. says

    Good byes are sad..but Praise Jesus we will have PLENTY of time to chat and fellowship together in eternity!! Blessings on your sweet friend’s move…may God go before her and behind her!

  4. says

    I too, should have possibly said goodbye yesterday to a sweet friend, actually one of my Friday Friends, but goodbyes are hard and sound like forever. She is moving this weekend to Southern Texas, and I simply said….it’s not a time for goodbyes.

  5. says

    Thanks, Laura. I don’t like good-bye’s and I don’t like to feel sad. But, sad is part of life, and I love your heart. Yes, forever friends are absolutely special.
    Thanks for lifting my heart tonight.

  6. says

    I don’t like goodbyes either.
    What a special friendship you all share. I love the picture of you all holding hands.
    God bless your friend as she begins something new. I know this has to be hard for her too…leaving such good friends.
    I’ll be thinking of ya!

  7. says

    This is beautiful! I love all the photos. What a precious gift you have…….dear friends! You have made such strong ties…….ties that will remain regardless of distance.

    I love your tribute to your friend!

    You are special!

    Love ya,

  8. says

    (I stumbled upon your blog through Mariel’s.)I couldn’t help but to comment to say, “what a special post.” Friendship is a true blessing. I too love to read, & read, and read, and as of here recently I have started to really enjoy writing, mostly in my personal journal and on my new blog of course :O)
    Merry Christmas!

  9. says

    Aww…I’m sorry you have to say goodbye to your friend. I just got reconnected with such a friend on facebook….her name’s April Joy (Isn’t Joy the best last name you ever heard??) She was my neighbor in our old neighborhood, and she moved back to Montana about four years ago. I feel so blessed to have her back in my life!

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