New Eyes

“This is amazing!”

He was looking through his new eyeglasses for the first time—hands gripping ear pieces as if afraid of losing this new view of his world.

A couple weeks before we had stood at the end of a long hallway in the pediatrician’s office and he attempted to read the eye chart on opposite wall.

My jaw hung heavier and heavier as it became ever clearer how poor my son’s vision is.

these old eyes are beautiful…

He had little difficulty seeing objects that were close…but those in the distance were fuzzy—indistinguishable.

His world was very small…defined by limited vision.

“These things rock!”

but now he is seeing clearly for the first time…

His excitement made me smile–wistfully. How much had those eyes missed while seeing only what was directly in front of them?

He read the license plate numbers on surrounding cars out loud to me all the way home. And the signs on all the business establishments. He discovered new vocabulary words and noticed old landmarks for the first time.

“I can see the bark on that tree!”

“What else can you see?”

He paused momentarily and assumed a somber tone.

“I can see the future. I can see that Teddy is going to pester me about my glasses.”

I laughed heartily and embraced the joy that comes with these new eyes.

And I wonder…

Am I too old for new eyes?

Can I change the way I see?

The answer is as plain as the glasses in his face.

I cannot change the way I see my past.

But God can.

I need some new spiritual lenses.

My world has been so small…defined by limited vision.

I want to see with eternal eyes.

Through the lenses of forgiveness and gratitude.

Through trust in His plan.

And confidence.

Confidence that He is always at work in me.

At work now.

At work then.

I want to see the big picture—not just what is directly in front of me.

I want the joy of new eyes.

As I am training these eyes to see, those fuzzy indistinguishable images are gaining clarity.

Will you please pray?

Joy comes in the seeing.


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    What a precious post. “Joy comes in the seeing.” Praying for you right now friend. May you have eyes to see and ears to hear…

    Love your seeking heart!!!


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    I was in the 2nd grade when my teacher pulled my Mom in to talk to me of my vision. Still wearing classes MANY moons later, and thankful for this teacher that invested in me!


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    Clarity of vision – we all need that! It is funny how we think we see things perfectly until new lenses are applied! Then, painfully, we become aware of the “impaired” vision we were relying on!

    I really enjoy your writing. I am glad I happened upon your blog last week.

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    Laura, I am so glad you found me recently – how I would have missed the truths and power in your writing.

    I remember when I first put on a pair of glasses. I was 12 years old. The leaves on the trees and the blades of grass got me – you mean it wasn’t just a mass of green? Such detail.

    God cares about detail. Praying I will see with my Father’s eyes.

    Praying for you,
    Love & hugs,

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    Beautiful analogy. I think I always say that when I come here. His perception exceeds his new lenses. That part about the future and understanding that with fresh eyes sometimes comes fresh words…some good, some not so understanding.

    But the view? Worth the risk of being labeled and misunderstood. Nothing surpasses the trace of a tree’s bark or the outlines of a Father’s sky.


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    What a beautiful analogy. You have such a gift for taking all of the everyday events and turning them into something so much more wonderful. God is doing amazing things through you.

    BTW – I can not tell you how many people told me that I would notice the leaves on the trees once I got my glasses. Because it was said to me so many times I paid careful attention to all the trees on the way home and was very disappointed to discover that they all looked the same to me. My clarity came later that night when I pressed guide on the television and was actually able to read it. 😉 HA!! Just thought I would share….

    God Bless and take care.

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    First of all, your son looks adorable in his new glasses. 🙂 Second, that was a great post. I can tend to have tunnel vision and miss the big picture. Thanks for the reminder.


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    Wow, when you made the switch to talking about our own spiritual vision, I was in awe, and I identified so much with what you said. I love reading your posts!

    I’ll pray this for you, and you can pray it for me.


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    I forgot to mention that the pics were slow in coming up, and one never did. I don’t know which end the problem would be on. I did get to see your son in his glasses. Tell him he looks good to me, and I’m glad he can see better now.

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    yup, His view is so different. You know I have to remind myself that lots of things are “reasons” in life but they can not become “excuses”. The past is real, but He is constantly redeeming it…all things for good. Hug to you Laura! Celebrating the new you that God has redeemed!

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    I needed this post…no I am not dealing with a son with an eyesight problem just other “forces of evil” around him. But when I step back and look at the big picture….his heart…he does love the Lord still at 19…sometimes he doesn’t behave that way…but then again…neither do I…hmmmm…

    your son is so handsome and the joy in his face over his new-found vision is wonderful!!

    blessings in the New Year my friend,

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    He read the license plate numbers on surrounding cars out loud to me all the way home. And the signs on all the business establishments.

    🙂 I can remember doing the very same thing when I got my glasses sometime around his age too! 🙂

    My world has been so small…defined by limited vision.
    I want to see with eternal eyes.

    YES YES YES! Amen!! Bring it on!! 🙂

    We pray to see “His Kingdom come…and His Will be done, on earth just like it is in Heaven.

    Seeing isn’t believing, rather hearing is believing. But seeing enforces what the Lord has already instilled in our spirit.

    You son looks great! 🙂

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    Your son is a very handsome young man and looks dashing in his glasses.

    When my oldest son, now 24, was 6 years old, he began to see two of things that were one. My heart was heavy as I realized how limited his world had been. We quickly saw an eye doctor and made the corrections, which also changed his world for the better. Your story brings those sweet memories of early motherhood back and it is good.
    My prayer this week has been, “LORD, give me your eyes”, prompted by the song by Brandon Heath, “Give Me Your Eyes”.
    Give me your eyes for just one second
    Give me your eyes so I can see
    Everything that I keep missing
    Give me your love for humanity
    Give me your arms for the broken hearted
    The ones that are far beyond my reach
    Give me your heart for the once forgotten
    I love it and I love your blog!

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    How cute he is in his new glasses!

    This post brought back memories of when I was young. My sister and I both had to get glasses and we reacted the same way. We saw things we never saw before. It was amazing!!

    I love this post, Laura and I will certainly keep you in my prayers. Your past was difficult, but you help so many others when you write on your blog.

    I think you are a very amazing & blessed lady, not to mention a wonderful wife & mom. You are quite a living testimony of how God works all things out for good! (Rom. 8:28)

    I’m proud of you and absolutely love your blog.

    Please tell your son how adorable he is in his new glasses!

    Happy New Year, my sweet friend!
    Love ya,

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    You are a treasure, Laura…. I love each word that you write….

    I have a son with glasses. When I discovered He wasn’t seeing through clear vision my heart broke…. I think Papa feels the same way, don’t you. So, like you I took Samuel to get the correct lenses that would bring clarity, so he could see the world as it really is…. Papa does that with us too. I know, I testify… He has been correcting my vision.

    You desire what He desires… it is His clear invitation to dance with Him into the dance of knowing who you are to Him… leaving the past behind as truth comes to tell you what He sees…..
    Papa is inviting you to see through His eyes… isn’t that just amazing???

    I am SO thankful that I met you this year… I cannot wait to see what “tomorrow” holds…for you and your endearing walk with Papa.

    Love & Hugs sent your way!
    Oh and you son looks handsome as ever!


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    How beautiful you tell the story of your son’s new glasses. Oh it just makes me, once again, to be thankful for the “small things” I take for granted each and every day. Lord-Thank you for my vision…Thank you for restoring the vision to this little one. I also Thank you for the perspective you have given Laura and for her desire to share that idea with us.

    Oh how true…Spiritual glasses…to see the world without hate and anger…to see the world for the good it has in it, not the bad…To see the world how God sees it…and to learn to pray for those who we at first want to judge…and have a compassionate heart for all.

    That is my heart’s desire…to have spiritual glasses, that I may see more clearly.

    Thank you for sharing Laura
    Many Blessings

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    I love this picture of vision. My life purpose statement includes the word “lens” so I am highly tuned in when it comes to focusing and seeing.

    Thank you for sharing the joy of seeing with us. I’m jumping for JOY over here with you. I’m on the same page. I feel like your words are mine too..

    Happy New Year!

    What a gift your son has now: fresh vision!

    Looking forward to 2009!

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    I’m so glad your son now has his true vision! He looks great!

    I understand your desire for new eyes…forgiveness, gratitude and confidence. I will definitely be praying for you!

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    How sweet. Your son is precious and is excitement brought a lovely smile to my face. I invisioned being in the car with you and him as he exclaimed all he saw.

    I was much that way when I got glasses in sixth grade. I seriously thought it was normal that we weren’t supposed to see the chalk board from the back row. The next day at class I could see from the back row with my glasses…so cool.

    Of course at that age, I still took my glasses off as I walked between classes.

    I know wear contacts. Praise the Lord for those little babies.

    I sent you an email Monday. Hope you got it at work.

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    Oh Laura… been there. Right before school started this year my youngest told me that she couldn’t see good out of her left eye. I really thought she was joking me because she likes to put on my glasses. (that I hate!!!) I put off taking her to the doctor for about a month… when I saw her struggle to even read the largest of letters on the chart with that left eye, I almost cried.

    I so want to see things the way God sees them. The good in people, the growth in pain, the joy in the little things. I want to see through His eyes. His love for people.

    Thanks for such a thought provoking post. Lots to think about.

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