Snow Day

I have studied it each time I drive by.

It sits tucked back from the Interstate right off the Institute exit–a beacon for all passersby.

This church has been under construction for quite some time. Regally arched windows yawn beside gaping front…the face of the building is not yet complete.

And so it stands–wide open, inviting eyes to peer inside and wonder what lies within.

It never fails to touch me, this vision of this church under construction. It has become to me a symbol of what it means to build a church.

Open, inviting, beautiful.

A light on a hill.

Always, always the lights are aglow within.

When I am mindlessly driving home from work–tired, spent from giving of myself, all I need do is catch a glance of that incomplete structure and my heart fills with yearning.

It means so much.

To see Him standing there holding out His arms to me this way.

Last night, on my way home from the Casting Crowns concert in Charleston, I drove right into a snowstorm. The snowdrops fell–fat, juicy circlets that covered the road in an icy slush in no time. I was following Pastor-friend, assuming role of rear-guard as traffic crept along on the treacherous highway.

When we approached the Institute exit, eyes automatically lifted to that hill. Snow swirling all around, cars creeping along beside, wind blowing trees bent with icy dressings…Yet the warm glow of the lights from inside that church under construction penetrated it all.

He is my refuge.

My guiding light in the storm.

Mark Hall of Casting Crowns spoke to us last night about the difference between the joy of the world and the joy there is in Christ. His words resonate this morning as I listen to his voice singing I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. The story of this deeply moving Christmas song is our song. We all have searched for hope in the darkness.

We volunteered for World Vision last night, stewards over faces of hundreds of children who may never know the joy of Christmas.

As I ran my hand over smooth pictures depicting these innocent faces, I was once again struck by how blessed we are.

We get to be that light on a hill.

We are The Church under construction.

Oh, Dear Ones, let your light be that warm glow that invites. Open your arms and be His embrace.

Today, the boys are home with me…snowed in…given a day off by the storm I drove through last night. We were out romping in that sticky white stuff at eight thirty in the morning.

These boys–these gifts from God–are mine to protect and love and give all that I have to. This morning I sit and reflect on the faces that I held in my hands last night. And I know that one of the most important things that I can give my children is the gift of compassion.

I was so moved by the opportunity to help this amazing organization last night. Won’t you consider giving the gift of hope this Christmas?


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    I remember those snow days- as a teacher and a mother. Just a delightful joy-a break in the routine of life. Isnt’ that what Jesus gives us – calling us away from the routine to experience His purifying presence. I can just imagine your household right now. How special that you have this gift two weeks before Christmas.

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    We’ve had 2 snow days recently and what cracks me up is that by mid morning there’s no snow to be seen and the sun is shining.

    There are so many great visuals here.
    I especially like the end about compassion!

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    One of the things I love most about your writing is your capacity to paint a scene and invite me in to the moment. I can just picture it all in my mind. So tranquil and serene that church on the hill. A light in the storm. It strikes me for so many reasons today, and is a kindling hope for the journey to come.

    I’m doing better. Just walking through a process I’d rather not make. Much love, friend. God be with you in your weekend.


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    Beautifully written. So glad you volunteered. I was invited to volunteer for compassion at the Point of Grace concert tonight. It didn’t work to do it this time but in the future I will. We sponsor Isaac through Compassion. So glad I comitted to do this 7 years ago! Merry Christmas my friend!

    btw, you are so beautiful. Inside and out!


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    what a sweet post, my friend. Snowed in with your boys. right after a night of purpose. Praise Jesus for how He interupts our evenings to open our eyes and interupts our mornings to open our hearts. Be blessed!

    (BTW, what’s up with everyone getting snow…even TX, but NC has been in the 60s!!! I love it though!!)

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    Even I have snow!!! Come see!;)

    I’m with Elaine… the visuals you create with your story-telling – oh, Girl, you have a talent! And you bless us SO much with what you share… Thank you…

    On the other side of the world, with sun blazing down on us today, and dealing with…um… sunburn, shame on me… it is nice to see your pictures and hear about your very cool climate.

    God bless ya!:) Have a wonderful weekend. Naomi x

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    Good morning, Laura,
    I keep getting behind in my blog reading. I’ve enjoyed reading all on this page so far. I think this is my favorite one. I loved your son’s video of your dance, too!

    Well, my kitchen and dining room are calling me to get busy. Have a blessed Christmas! Oh, and I hope your guys are getting better. I’m wondering as I’m typing if you’ve gotten the stomach bug. We passed that around over Thanksgiving. We didn’t all have the exact same symptoms, and I never vomited, but others in the family did.


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