The Candle of Joy

The church is all dressed up for Christmas…

So we meet here.

Listen to young voices read scripture…

And fill the air with song.

Go Tell It On the Mountain…

My heart has been tender all day–since the morning, when the Advent candle of Joy is set aglow.

This tiny flame ignites my spirit … and His Joy floods my soul. This aching joy, this gentle throbbing joy, this warmth spreading from within…

This is the knowledge of Immanuel.

He is with us.

My eyes are soft with moisture all day long as I tenderly carry Him with me.

But when we return in the evening and find Him waiting there…

It wells up inside…

For there is no greater love than this. (John 15:13)

The joy of the manger is in the truth of the cross.

For this reason, emotion is raw.

Joy, grief, awe, gratitude, shame, and sorrow…these are the shades of Advent.

The beauty in each moment reflects the beauty of His sacrifice.

Heralded in by angel’s song…announced by lowly shepherds…

Born, lived, died…

For me.


How can this be?

The mystery of Advent is His love for me.


  1. says

    Laura, I love the way you wrap your words around our hearts. What a beautiful reminder of the true joy of Christmas.

    And a big reminder that we are so blessed to be here, and be able to celebrate our Hope and Joy found in Jesus so freely.


    Ps those cookies looked yummy too.

  2. says

    Classic! I just read your comment about the sugar cookies on my blog!!!:) My plan was to do it tomorrow, but they all want to go to the local pool, which I’m not objecting to at this stage, as unless it’s windy (my boys’ asthma doesn’t do well when you mix wet bodies with wind) it’s the best place to be!!! So, we’ll see… and if it happens, oh, there’ll be photos!!!;)

    This post is gorgeous! You stir the emotions, Girl! And I love how you do that! Bless your woollen socks!;)

  3. says

    The word verification for me to type in for this comment is “markable” and I thought…that’s close to “remarkable”….worthy of being noticed. (from Websters)

    I’m so thankful that God looks & sees me….notices me….and chose to die for me.

    This season brings about so many wonderful miracles. I’m anxious to hear some news about a miracle today. I’ll write you more about it later.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of words. The way you express your life experiences is so poetic & beautiful.

    Be blessed today, Laura!
    Love & hugs,

  4. says

    This Christmas isn’t my first since I have became a Christian…but it is such an emotional one for me too…to think that this “child” was born into this world to become a LAMB!!! A lamb for our sinfulness…The only one who could shed blood-to cover our sins…not just mine, nor yours, but OUR sins…Such a joyful time as a Christian. God Bless you and yours this Christmas and may you always keep the Joy of Christmas with you…and your children will learn from thier humbled spirit mother…the TRUE non-commercialized Christmas and it will be with them all thier days.

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