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    Lovely cookies, handsome guys, youthful mother, and my eyes landed on that bookshelf, in one of the first pics, and I love that!

    It looks like you’re all having fun! Merry Christmas!

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    Delicious! Such a gorgeous thing to do with your beautiful boys… The sweets look so good – great pics! I wonder if I can do that with five boys??? We’ll see…

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    I love these pictures, friend….

    My kids are going to decorate cookies tonight. Their dad is baking them with them…It’s the first year EVER that he has done the baking…

    To help him out I bought the “Pillsbury refrigerated sugar cookies”… now all they have to do is roll them out and make their shapes.

    Looks like you all had a blast!!


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    Waiting like this can’t be so tough!
    I’m baking candy and cookies with my Mom, sister, daughters and nieces at the end of the week. This gets me all excited for what is to come!
    Sweet family memories in the making!

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    Yum! You and your boys worked really hard on those cookies. I am especially partial to the snowmen ones. So cute!:)

    Box some up and send ’em to Crazyville.;)

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    How fun!!!!

    What a fun mom you are. Your boys are precious! I know they’ll remember these special moments forever.

    The cookies are beautiful and look delicious.

    Have a great week.


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    Now I can see why those beautiful cookies turned out like they did for the mom of boys made it quite the organized event. How neat! My girls would have LOVED to have been a part of your production.

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    Pictures are worth a thousand words. I love visiting your blog – it takes me back to days in my own house—when…your guys are blessed!

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    Oh my, Laura. Got any of those left? I have thoroughly loved your pics and with a little sin of envy. Not for the sugar but for the loving event that is portrayed here. Making the cookies as a family and then meticuously icing and decorating each one.

    I love the unique shapes…I’ve never seen wreath or crown cookie cutters.

    Most definitely a sweet representation of Advent…and not just the sugar.
    Love ya,

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    Decorating cookies is a family tradition passed down for three generations. Well at I hope so anyway. My daughter, now 25 comes over to bake and decorate cookies. My parents did it when I was young and hopefully this one will continue to carry on. Lots of work, but it is good work.

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