Walking in the Light

I’ve just returned from an evening romp around the neighborhood with Lucy Mae. The frigid temperatures do not seem to bother her much, despite her paucity of fur. She was eager to go-a-stomping.

So we went.

We walked in a Wonderland. Twinkling lights winked at me from every window and bush. I felt step spring lighter, and spirits get brighter. Doors boasted wreaths and the eyes of the houses brimmed with greenery.

It was simply delightful.

It made me feel a bit dowdy with my mums still on the stoop. Those babies will be gone tomorrow—


As we strolled under this snow-cloud sky, I couldn’t help looking up….

These large gray masses move across the sky, at first hiding and then revealing. These peeping elusive lights turn my head.

Oh, He hung the moon, Beloved!

Sara keeps me company now, as I sit in expectation of Christmas…

In these quiet moments, I feel Him so acutely.

He is near.

He is here.

As I wait to see His Light…

Brighter than any that will hang on a tree…

Is the One who hung on a tree for me.

I will walk in His light.

Come, O house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”–Isaiah 2:5


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    I must tell you that your profile information is incorrect. If you really had a lazy dog she would not be walking. 🙂 Our diva has refused to walk since she was 1. I gave up the belly dragging after two weeks of trying. If she were to go cruisin the neighborhood it would have to be in a doggie stroller or a wagon. 🙂 So you should really show some respect to Lucy Mae—- 🙂 So thankful for His light

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    Oh Laura, another beautiful post to start my morning. I love seeing life through your blog, my eyes are opened and my heart is warmed. Thank you again dear Friend.

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    Hey Laura, the Graeters are lots of places in Ohio and the kids in the shop thought there might be a few in other close states but they weren’t sure. I really am not into ice cream—I want to open one of these in my area—GLORY it was grand stuff.

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    Happy Advent to you, dear friend. I would love to take a romp with my furry friend, but alas he’s back home while I take a Christmas journey with my mother. First thing I will do when I return home is experience the joy of walking my dog – won’t be any snowy stuff in Charlotte I bet!

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    I am going to bed now, and want to come back tomorrow to read your latest post when I can think clearly. I am struggling to stay awake. I did enjoy this one, and want to walk in God’s light.

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