A New Day

It’s been a quiet day.

After a noisy, festive ringing in of the New Year last night, the quiet is welcome.

We took down our New Year’s tree and put away the rest of the Christmas decorations.

We stayed in our pajamas until noon.

It is beautiful.

I just took Lucy Mae out for her final New Year’s Day wee, and when I looked up into the night sky…I noticed that the stars are cloaked by a gauzy white.

Wisps of cloud trail off in the smoky blue of the midnight sky, like a long train on a beautiful white gown.

The sky is dressed in her wedding garb tonight.

As I gaze up at that misty beauty, I am reminded that I, too, am a bride.

I still wait for my Bridegroom.

When I look up, that anticipation fills my heart. My soul begins to dance and joy sings inside.

I can’t think of a more fitting way to begin a new year.

As I am reminded to keep myself ready for my Love…I work on my spiritual vision. I let gratitude permeate. I invite joy.

Tomorrow I will go to honor a dear one of God who has passed on into His presence. As I contemplate this dear woman’s last days, I meditate on my current ones.

How do I wait?

Will I run this race to the end?

I do not want to ever stop growing, learning, searching…

This waiting is not a passive thing.

Do not let it be.

Dear ones, we are not finished doing this thing until we stand before Him.

And then…

Who knows?

But while I am here, let it be said that I waited well.

This is my prayer—that He will not let me be. That I will never be able to ignore His call. That I will always be about His business. Let me never rest until I rest in peace.

O God! Hear my cry. Use me. Make me uncomfortable with comfort. Stretch me. Grow me. Teach me. Always, always, let me feel You, Lord. For I will walk through the shadow of death if I feel You at my side. You give me courage to do what I cannot do alone. You are my strength. You are my joy.

Abound in my 2009. Fill me with You.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.


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    Happy New Year! It is my hearts desire to not let this year be lived passively. Thank you for the sweet reminder that my Bridegroom cometh and I need to be ready!


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    Beautiful & lovely post!!!

    Peace be with you all as temporary goodbye’s are said ‘for now’, while attending this dear lady’s home-going celebration that you speak of .

    :O) deanna

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    Oh to be found only striving to be closer to God…I love it…I want it too. I have read so many post that this is thier desire for 2009. If we all come together in one mind and are praying, praying for one another…I don’t see why this year couldn’t be a year of change..of Good change…of a God change.

    God Bless you on your journey

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    Oh the day I get to be in His presence. mmmmmm

    I think now that the last of our holiday company has left I will start taking down Christmas things—its feeling a bit cluttered around here. Finding order in the chaos is good, finding His peace in the midst of these moments priceless.

    Happy day Laura!

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    I loved the reminder of the bride and Bridgegroom. I too want it to be said that I waited well. I waited with anticipation and my lamp burning.

    Happy New Year,

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    Yes, Lord, help me to not be passive in waiting but rather to do it well. It’s so hard to wait well and actively.

    Beautiful post.

    Thanks for you comment checking on me. I hate that you can’t receive my emails at home. UGG!

    Please email on Tuesday to let me know for sure you got my email or not.
    Love ya,

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    Dear friend, as always your heart’s stirrings are absolutely stunning….

    I am so very blessed to have met you…and cannot wait to know even more of your heart in 2009.

    You are a treasure!


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    Happy New Year! You know, I’m not a good waiting type person. I guess I equate waiting with sitting, and I have never done that well…maybe that’s erroneous thinking on my part. I prayed your prayer with you. Thank you so much. I have enjoyed your e-mails and responses to my blog. Are you on facebook?


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    I can’t help but think of Esther as I read your post. Are we aware of God’s purpose for us, more like what He has for us to do today? That only you or I are prepared to do, because He knows our capabilities, but will we make ourselves available?

    Love to you,

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    Thanks for the reminder that we do not wait passively for Jesus’ return. I want to feel his presence more than I give him the time to.

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