I wrote this late last night, dear ones, and wanted to share…

I can hear the children playing upstairs, remnants of our party. Most have gone home, returned to their own nests.

This afternoon we celebrated Jeffrey’s birthday with a handful of ten year-olds and close friends. We spent the morning watching home movies of his birth and earliest days–as is our tradition this time of year.

I sit here tonight amazed that we’ve made it this far…that so much has passed through the portal of time.

I am realizing that my hands are a sieve, trying to hold these moments as they keep sliding on through.

These slippery things—they get away from me.

Watching that chubby-cheeked, chubby-legged, big-eyed baby boy this morning made that achingly clear.

I never knew he would be so special back then.

I knew I loved him.

I knew I would always love him.

I knew I would give my life for him.

But I never knew the special boy that he would become.

I never knew that he would teach me so much…

About love…

About freedom…

About growing

About prayer…

About God.

I look into these big blue eyes…I gaze upon this sleeping face…

and my heart feels fragile,

it’s breaking with this knowing that

these moments will never be mine again.

And so I know

that now

is what we are given

to feel this love.

Eternity is written in our hearts,

But for now

We must make every minute count.


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    So true. so very true… This moment is the moment we have….

    The years fly by with our children.. in warp speed.
    My oldest will be 22 in a few weeks, seems like just yesterday she was doing her first worship dance…..

    Every moment counts…

    Love this post…. love your heart!

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    Time truly does slip through our fingers like sand. Cherishing the moment…each and every one.

    Your post made my eyes water as I reflect over almost 17 years of precious moments with my little guy.

    Holding my son close in my heart,

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    This is so precious, Laura. You are precious and have a beautiful heart. You are fabulous mom.

    Every moment…I’ve been pondering that today, yesterday, recently. I don’t think I’m savouring every moment…not like I should.

    Love you much!

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    What a nice birthday tribute to your son. Happy birthday, Jeffery! I can’t believe how quickly our grandson’s first year flew by. We watch him once a week for most of the day and then his mom eats supper with us. They just left, so I haven’t been on the computer much today. Yesterday I served at our local soup kitchen and outreach center. Yes, it’s good to savor the moments we have.

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    Laura, This may very well be the SWEETEST thing I’ve ever read. You are blessed to have Jeffery and Jeffery is blessed to have you. I pray that both of you have many more moments of precious memories.

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    You are so right. We must make every minute count.

    My sweet baby is 19 years old. She’s finishing up her sophomore year.

    I know if a few short years the young man who takes a lot of her attention will probably sweep her away from me.

    I cherish each moment I spend with her.

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    I have an award for you at my blog! You don’t have to participate if you should not want to, but I’d love for you to still visit :O)
    Love & hugs, In Christ, Deanna

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    Out of all the mothers in the world, God picked you for Jeffrey and what a privilege! I just wrote about touching the toe at birth to touching the hand at a ring ceremony. May you and I and all of us make the most of the moment by really living in the present moment dealing with the fray of our heart not trying to solve all our problems or get down all the truths to live by to find HIM in this moment of offering. you are!

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    Precious! God is so good, He gives us such blessings. Jeffrey is one of yours…Happy Birthday to him!
    Love, Liz
    p.s. Words of encouragement on my blog about you!

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    found you at Joy’s blog and you’ve moved me to tears. I feel like my days with my children are like air and evaporate so quickly…never to be seen again. I am so thankful we will have perfected memories in heaven…enjoy your boys birthdays.

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    It was after I became a parent that the idea of making every moment count became more real.

    I sometimes worry about the fact that my two children are not getting me to themselves more often.

    This is a reminder of the need to place more importance on those that are most valuable to us.

    I really enjoyed your writing.

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    What a precious post Laura!! Time does go by so quickly with our little ones. What a blessing it is that you see what a special boy he is to you…

    Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!

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    Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

    Love this verse you referred to. It was a pleasure visiting your blog. See you again soon.

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