I ate my lunch standing up today.

It was standing room only in the Charleston Area Med. Center’s staff lounge at noontime. We huddled together to watch the inauguration of our 44th president—bodies pressed side-by-side in anticipation.

Hunger permeated the air.

It filled our insides; spoke to our hearts as we waited for this filling up. We breathed it in, letting our insides quake with the emptiness of these long years.

Today, we feast.

I plucked my grapes off their stems one by one, aware of that sweet tangy combination as I bit into each one, rolling the fleshy fruit around on my tongue—trying to hide my misting eyes from co-workers.

Is it wrong to let a man inspire?

Do I not do this every day when I see the beauty behind the eyes of my neighbor?

Only One Man holds my undying hope. Fully man. Fully God.

But it is God inside of me that appreciates His glory reflected in the eyes of another.

How long has it been since speech ignited fire in the bellies of my national kinsman? Of the world?

Do I not know the power of words? Have I not been seduced by their syrupy promises and the lofty images they create?

These words capture me and make my spirit soar.

We study the profiles of listening faces across the nation—black, white–every color in between; beauty and sorrow, grace and unease, joy, triumph, sobriety and fear…there is no end to the diversity on these ghost-faces.

Beauty, beauty, beauty…

So much beauty in my Father’s world.

Be inspired…

Let something, let someone inspire you today.

We carry God inside of us.

Let Him shine.


  1. says

    You amaze me with each blog post… such beauty……

    We all long for a new beginning don’t we….

    I wonder what Papa God will do through the country and this man in the next four years.

    Thanks for sharing your beauty again!!

    Love ya,

  2. says

    What sweet post, Laura. You have such description and imagery in your writing…even the detail of the grape in your mouth. 🙂

    God in all His glory, in all His beauty both in creation and creature.

    Love ya,

  3. says

    Every 4 years we hear such stirring words…we must pray—that God will take those thoughts and mold things into His plans, not the plans of man. There are many hard truths that we must face as Pres. Obama stated today but the biggest ones are the meat of the Word. We need to strive to be better, but wars and poverty will always be with us…so the Word says. So what do we do with that knowledge? How do we live differently? hmmmm

    I must tell you that all day I kept thinking how sad to not see Laura Bush as First Lady—talk about a woman of grace.

  4. says

    Beautiful, Laura. And yes, we wait.
    I didn’t see the beauty of my inaugural viewing until I read your post.
    I was in a dark conference room, set up by our corporate management, around a large conference table. It was quiet. Dark. Our ears strained to listen. Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian, all quietly side by side. Educated, uneducated, well paid, and minimum wage, all hoping and watching together. Wiping our tears. Clapping, and praying.
    Hopeful. A new era, a new leader.
    And all hope is in God!

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