Living Story

These words are alive and each time they are read our story is weaved deeper into His story. New life is breathed into their meaning.

They’ve heard this story before.

This story of two brothers.

Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground…”

I watch.

The tale of this first murder gives them pause.

These two brothers who have known anger, jealousy, and rivalry with each other…

These two brothers struggle to understand.

“Why did he kill him?”

Youngest son wonders aloud.

“Did he really think God didn’t know?”

The questions come.

We talk about the heart. And how we cannot hide from God.

Later, Jeffrey still struggles.

“It doesn’t make sense.”

“What do you mean?”

“Why did God have to do everything the hard way? Why did Jesus have to die? Couldn’t He just tell us about Himself?”

I put down the dishcloth.

Sit down across from these questioning eyes.

Pause to give these words the pregnancy they deserve.

“I don’t know why God does the things He does. I trust Him enough to know there is a reason. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Sometimes we don’t understand. I believe He leaves us with questions so we will have to trust. That’s what faith is about.”

“You mean, He wants us to wonder?”

“I think so.”

This small, delicate brow wrinkles.

“The Bible sure is filled with mysteries.”

Yes, my dear, it is.

And the story goes on…


  1. says

    Another lovely story from your family! It gives me little goose bumps.
    I wonder the same things, like a child, but still trusting that He does have a reason. We know He does.
    Ok, letter game! Let’s see…how about the letter “R” It is one of my favorites. I will be back to check! Have fun!

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    So young yet he grasps a reality that can still stump us as adults…so many mysteries, so many seemingly contradictory expressions of His ways. And hopefully it makes us all pursue Him more.

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    Ms. Laura

    You write that : “The Bible sure is filled with mysteries.”

    Yes, sometimes we fail to understand the hidden, symbolized meaning of the words in our scriptures. Among the scriptures, too it is very difficult to identify that which one is more authenticate.

    But I would cite one golden line from Bhagavad Geeta, that tells us about four tasks the humans should try acomplishing in their life: first is Dharma, that is the social duties; Arth, that is income to provide adequate living for the family; Kama, the corporeal act that keeps the human race going, and finally the moksha, that is to keep the salvation of our soul in mind while doing everything in the life.

    Naval Langa
    (I do practice as a lawyer in Gujarat High Court (Ahmedabad City), India. But the writing is my passion. I had done two solo exhibitions of my oil paintings.)

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    How precious. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hold onto the wonderment of a child’s mind. It’s no mystery why Jesus encouraged to become like a child. Thank you for sharing such a special moment about your boys.

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    Cain had been taught the same as Abel, he just chose to offer the wrong sacrifice. It all started with Cain’s willful disobedience.
    It’s hard sometimes even for us as adults to understand the “whys?”
    You’re right…we trust God and His plan. His ways aren’t always our ways but He definitely knows best.

    I have a funny story about Cain & Abel. One time I was teaching this story to kindergarten age children and I had these beautiful picture cards that I showed while I taught. I was telling the kids that the Bible didn’t say how Cain killed his brother…….
    (the picture showed Cain with all his fruit and vegetables from his garden) and this one little boy said “I bet he hit him with that big watermelon!”
    He was so serious. Too funny!

    Have a good week, Laura!

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    There is always a teaching moment, isn’t there? As well as a learning moment. What a class room you are in, with those two precious boys. love ya!

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    I absolutely love the way you write. My daughter began wondering at a young age and I continue to encourage that.

    God of wonders…Thank you LORD.


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    Laura, yesterday afternoon I spent time preparing to teach my Bible study lesson for Tuesday. In my reading I found this: “The things God has revealed are meant for us to study, ponder, teach, and share, though even then with discretion and wisdom regarding our hearer’s capacity to handle them. The secret things, however, belong to God – for instance, exactly why planes hit buildings, tsunamis hit cities and children get cancer.”

    Psalm 131:1 says, “I do not get involved with things too great or too difficult for me.” There are times we cannot explain God’s actions or why certain things happen. Sometimes we are at a loss for words because we should be. There is a mystery to God, which in part makes Him God.

    Beth Moore writes, “Between His arms that seem at times outstretched in opposite directions, you will find His heart.”

    Trusting His heart today,

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