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I have spent the morning looking up and meditating on the scriptures on wisdom from Proverbs that Jennifer Rothschild cites in our Bible study: Self Talk, Soul Talk. I’m a day behind in my post, but I am thankful for this morning to really spend some time in these scriptures.

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Chapter three is entitled Choosing Wise Words.

In this chapter, Jennifer talks about the “fruit” and the “root” of our thoughts. If our thoughts stem from faulty assumptions, then they will be faulty. Destructive self-talk can usually be traced back to a faulty foundation.

Jennifer gives some great strategies for undergoing a “root” transplant, including a very helpful interview with Patsy Clairmont in which this woman of faith outlines the steps she takes to combat her own negative self-talk.

But it was Jennifer’s comments on seeking wisdom that really got my attention.

First she says, we must ask God for wisdom. We should also fear, or revere the Lord, which Proverbs tells us is “the beginning of wisdom”. Also, we must be willing to receive counsel from others.

I love what Patsy told Jennifer when discussing this issue: “…I had so many people saying things to me that were in conflict with what I was saying to myself. One of us had to be wrong!”

Listening to the counsel of others can be a valuable tool in this wrestling match.

I’m still rolling around on the ground with these thoughts, my friends; seeking to pull them up by the roots. It feels like one step up and two steps back, but God is faithful and I trust Him to finish this work He has begun in me.

Thanks for standing ringside and cheering me along. I’m praying for you, my fellow wrestlers.



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    Ms. Laura

    While agreeing upon most of the things you have cited in this small article, I would like to say something about when you say that : We should also fear, or revere the Lord.

    Let me say that the notion of fear comes from the possibilities of losing something that is in our possession. God will never snatch that has been gifted by Him/Her to us. {I use here Him or Her, as I do not know whether the almighty God is He or She }

    And something about the words ‘revere’ or ‘respect’ as they are used in ordinary language.

    Take it granted, ma’am, we respect those like whom we want to become. See why the people respect the wealthy people or the film stars. They want to be like them. That is one kind of subtle greed within us to become like others; while the God has chosen us to remain as he has already made us. So ‘Revering God’ also a poor term, so far the God is concerned.

    So what should be the real emotion of ours to God ?

    That is LOVE. Love the God.
    Love the ultimate power that loves all of us.

    Naval Langa

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    I’m with you on the fear part…this has really stirred up some good thoughts in me. If I rightly have God in His place of holiness it changes how I view His Words which in turn will impact how I think. This does take some wallowing around. 🙂

    Tell your son that you are not are just approaching the nearly elderly stage of life. The son of a friend of mine told him to quit whining when he started getting AARP mailings when he was only in his 40’s. He said, “after all dad, you are nearly elderly”. We really like that title. 🙂

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    Gotta love the wisdom that comes from a multitude of wise counsel. Somewhere along my journey God spoke to me and told me to start listening to the multitudes that I was disagreeing with…that I wasn’t so “special” that my sin was different from everyone else’s. Ecclesiastes tells us there is nothing new under the sun…So as I began to listen and prayerfully consider the advice of others, God began changing me, showing me how to apply his word in new ways and humbling me.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

    Praying for you today on your journey!!

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    As I mentioned on my post I really had to examine my fear of the Lord when Jennifer phrased it as she did…to revere and regard His knowledge higher than mine. Of course, I do on first thought but then do my thoughts of my plans and my way say that I do revere Him. It’s a constant thing…we have to step back and remind, repeat, our heart and thoughts…at least I do. When I’m vunlerable and feel I want my marriage restored so bad or want my house sold so bad, I have to step back and trust Him. Otherwise, I do revere my knowledge about the plans of my life higher than His knowledge of my life. Who better than He to have more knowledge about my life. Praise you Lord, praise you!
    Love to you, sweet one.

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    Laura, Thank you for your kind comments on several of my posts. Your writings are a real encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing your faith and your struggles. You, too, are in my prayers.

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    I am so glad that you are on this journey with us. It does feel like one step forward and two steps back… I identify totally with that…
    it has been that way for me all week!
    I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for all of us!
    God bless you,

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    We are wrestlers, aren’t we? I’ve been wondering if there are many people who are truly comfortable with who they are, who don’t have negative thoughts about themselves. It seems there are so many of us who continue to have negative thoughts from long ago that sometimes get buried in the closet, but then somehow get back to the surface to cause problems again. I can identify with your steps forward and backward, too.

    Have a fun day with your birthday boy and his brother tomorrow.

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    Hi Laura,

    God is awesome isn’t he. I too love the quote from Patsy. Everyone can’t be worng.

    I’m definately one of your cheerleaders. My dear friend.


    Okay my word verification is neadies. We are all needy of God. 🙂

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    I hate not partaking in this Bible study, but teaching Beth Moore’s Esther, working, family, church, etc. is already a bit to juggle, so it’s good to read your entries.

    How are you doing, dear friend?


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