Sheltering In

Friends, we are sheltered in today.

School is closed today due to the frigid temperatures, and I am feeling…

thwarted once again.

God just loves to change my plans. I, on the other hand, am not quite so flexible.

I cannot work properly on my novel with these freckled noses peeping over my shoulder.

We have two birthdays next week, and the celebration for the first is tomorrow. I was rather counting on my free Friday to get better prepared.

No matter, sticky fingers can help ready the home for friends. We will be tidying up, shopping, and making a cake later on today.

These boys are more cooperative when a party looms and there are bowls with sweet remnants for licking.

In the meantime, I’m exercising.

My writing, that is.

The amazingly gifted L.L. Barkat has challenged her blog readers to write a letter—in longhand, that is.

I have secretly followed L.L. ever since I read an interview with her over here at my sweet Ann’s—Beautiful Heart—about her book, Stone Crossings. (Which I am going to ask for from hubs for my 40th, which seems to be approaching like a freight train).

These two ladies move deeply.

I was watching a songwriter’s special on Austin City Limits a while back. Guest included Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt—two of our all time faves. During the interview portion of the show, Lyle made a comment that if he wants to write good songs…if he is looking for inspiration, he listens to other good songwriters.

When I read LL and Ann, I am inspired!

Ms. Barkat is a wonderful writing teacher.


The other night I experienced God in the yard and here is a letter I wrote about it that evening…

I saw you last night.

Wasting face looming down on me as I took Lucy Mae out for her nightly duty.

I could not help staring. Forgive me if I was rude…

Your beauty overwhelms.

It fell from the sky and spilled over my every day, my ordinary–making it something new.

If words are precious rubies, as Solomon says, then of what worth is this illuminating light you cast—these diamonds strewn on frost-kissed grass?

I am not this aging woman as I stand in this world of glassy light—but a babe seeing the night for the first time.

Oh! Moon!

I gasp in awareness of your Maker in your presence. Your ever-constant, ever-changing face changes me still. For I cannot remain unmoved when I look into such immense displays of His glory.

Dear Moon, I saw you last night.

And your beauty carried me away.


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    I like that… writing to the moon. Did she smile at you when she heard your sweet words? : )

    (The moon inspires, I see. I too wrote of her today, but on Green Inventions!)

  2. says

    Beautiful. Colorful. Sweet.

    Love to hear you using the gift you love. I get it.

    Let’s keep connecting, even if just through comments! 🙂


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    Ahhh…shucks…sorry for not having a free day. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, our plans are not always what His plans and intentions. But we know He too will use a crammed day with sticky fingers for your beautiful good.

    Hope you have a lovely time at the parties.
    Love ya,

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    Last weekend at the Amazing Love retreat they sent us home with two beautiful pieces of parchment paper and envelopes. Right a Love Letter to Jesus and the other to one you love.

    I’ve written the one to my Man when I was gone earlier this week smelling the fragrance in my garden. We are at our cabin, and I think the time is approaching to give it to him.

    I also believe it is time to write my letter to Jesus, oh how I love Him so!

    Girlfriend…you are a delight, I love ya!


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    Your words are like a painting.
    I can “see” them.

    Once when I was listening to Beth Moore speak during The Patriarchs study (which I loved), it dawned on me that she is so VIVID in her speaking and teaching that I feel as if I can see the people, locations, and situations that she is describing. She makes the Bible into a GIANT pop up book to me, and being the very visual learner that I am, I LOVE that! As a little girl, pop up books always excited me, and as a(almost 40 year old)grown woman, it is still exciting to me to see God’s Words POP off of the page.

    Keep it up, my sweet friend!
    In Christ,

    That’s how your words are too.

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    Reading your posts is like unwrapping a gift. I approach with anticipation and wonder and leave with a heart full of delight. You make the ordinary special. That my friend is a true gift.

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Love & prayers,

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    Hi Laura! what a beautiful letter! I love words!! I tell my friends that sometimes and they either sweetly laugh or just think I’m thier ‘nutty’ friend , lol!

    But, I do, I love words… I love to write, and I love to read them! I’ll have to check out L.L. Barkat.

    hey…. thanks so much for your sweet ‘words’ on my Thankful Thursday post! It meant a lot… I spilled a lot of my heart out there, and I only pray that the Lord will use it for His glory- for someone who may need to read it and be encouraged one day!

    Good night dear friend & stay warm!
    In Him, Deanna

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    You words broke through the chill of this night. If only my lungs could stand the cold right now, I would be outside gazing at the at is beauty.

    Keep warm!

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    This post made me cry. Your words are your heart – they sound so much like the heart of Jonathan Edwards! He was overwhelmed by GOD’S beauty and majesty in all things.

    I so want to write beautiful, inspiring thoughts that lift others to HIS glory. But, I can’t just yet. I feel I must tell the story of my redemption and HIS hand on my life.

    Through the darkness, HE is the light, growing brighter, but always present. I feel other women need to hear that..need to know that when they can’t feel HIM or do not think that HE is there or that HE cares.

    You have been given a gift, beautiful Lady. Keep writing, don’t bury it…keep writing for HIS glory…

    Your words make others desire what you have and it always points to HIM!

    Blessings and love,

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    As always, a lovely read friend. Stone Crossings is also a fabulous read. One that deserves ample time and pondering. LL is a great weaver of words, like you.

    Enjoy your week. I was home today with a sick child, and tomorrow all will be home for the holiday, thus changing up my plans a bit.

    So be it.


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    I just wanted to say that I love the words you wrote here. You have really inspired me with your writing and thank you for linking to L.L. I went to check out her blog today and took part in the challenge she put out there to write a poem. I am so happy I tried it and am pleased with the way it turned out… would you like to come and see it?

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