Simple Joys

White covers ground outside; air outside sends chill with deep reach.

What remedy?

Something warm and sweet.

We start the fire and stare into glowing embers.

Dancing flames invite our eyes, and something else…

This fluffy white goodness dips her toes in until she drips with gooey sweet.

Melting chocolate melts in mouth and,


This warms from inside out.

And these smiles warm me, as we sit and rub shoulders in yellow light that basks in freckles and sticky grins.

There is something about a fire.

Hearts open like petals in the sun, words fall soft and tender, thoughts flow like melting chocolate…

And we prepare to hear more of the Great Story. The one that wraps our story within, writing life.


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    That’s so sweet! Do you print your posts and stick them in a file or something so your boys can have them later in life? It’s just so sweet how you capture forever memories as you write/tell them through little stories.

    I loved it!

    hey, thanks for dropping by to visit me and even leaving a comment as I dared to bare my heart that ‘stunk with the funk!’ Wasn’t to sure if I’d scare anyone off with the (real me that sometimes gets aggrivated, lol!) Thanks for the prayer too!


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    A few years ago, we purchased a s’more contraption for the family. I’ve been indulging almost every night and have it down to fewer calories than my usual icecream. I just love the flavor and the comfort I get from such a simple pleasure! I ran an extra half-mile today because of my indulgence. Well worth it!

    Wish I had a fire place to use.

    Feel better my friend. Much love to you this night~elaine

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    Mmmm, I could taste it….

    Thank you for your sweet words, friend, and your sympathy….

    You have blessed my heart today.

    What a gift you are to me!


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    Yummy! I love s’mores!
    You’re such a fun mom.

    I’m home today because of the weather. All area schools are closed as well as lots of businesses. I plan on being completely lazy!

    Have a blessed day, Laura!

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    Yes, there is something magical about a fire. I’ve been sitting in front of one all afternoon as ice coats the roads outside. LOVED seeing your crew enjoy a perfect slice of family!

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