Speaking Truth

Today we discuss chapter four in our Yes to God Bible study with Lelia:

Speaking Truth to Your Issues.

This chapter title booms.

It defines a longing.

It lays bare a need.

This soul is parched and hungering for it:


Such beauty in this simple word.

On page 47, Jennifer Rothschild says, “We find ourselves with one defining circumstance in our lives that becomes the headwaters from which many other issues originate and flow.”

And how.

My father’s alcoholism.

My parents’ divorce.


Family discord/dysfunction.

Growing up in an unorthodox faith.

All of these have shaped the way that I talk to myself.

All of these were fertile ground for lies to grow in.

Jennifer describes soul talk as “faith’s companion”. On page 49 she says, “…it’s essential that we center our soul talk on the truth of Scripture and on our faith in Christ. This will enable us to put positive, hopeful impressions in our thought closets.”

Jennifer says we need “Spirit-controlled thoughts”.

She describes four roles of the Holy Spirit in our lives:

1. To counsel us
2. To represent Christ to us
3. To be our teacher
4. To remind us of truth

Throughout this chapter, Jennifer illustrates her points using the story of the woman with the flow of blood.

She had tried everything. She had been unsuccessfully treated by numerous doctors. She had spent all of her resources.

She was empty and broken.

Yet, this woman had the courage to do something amazing. She spoke the truth to herself.

“If only I can touch His coat, I will get well.”

She reached out, with probably her last hope, and she touched Jesus.

You and I can do the same.

Let us not forget that this is where we must go for healing–at His feet.


Do you love poetry? Try the great poem caper! Visit L.L. Barkat and become inspired. You can read my poem in her comment section.

Here’s something a little fun. If you want to play the letter game, visit Liz! Liz gave me the letter “R”. My task is to list ten things that begin with the letter “R” that I love. Here goes:

1. Rain–If you don’t believe me, read this.
2. Running–It sets me free and is one of my times to connect with Him.
3. Rocking a baby–‘Nuff said.
4. Reading–Oh, yeah.
5. Returning home after being gone–Nothing so sweet.
6. Rest–I think we should implement the mandatory afternoon nap in this country.
7. Risings–From bread, to the sun, to our wonderful Lord–nothing lifts my soul higher.
8. Random acts of kindness–Give me a burst of joy.
9. Reflections of light on water–simply beautiful.
10. Romping with my boys.


  1. says

    Those excerpts and insights inspire.

    The poetry caper offers word-frolic.

    What a lovely set of surprises flowing through a single post!

  2. says

    Just wanted to comment on the music you show that you are listening to… the CD by Watermark is by far my favorite CD to listen to. I love it! Enjoy listening to it! Do you have a favorite song?

  3. says

    You know friend what I love is watching Him redeem those places in our lives. I have been blessed to watch as He is redeeming yours… Your heart radiates of His beauty… and His healing and His love…

    He will not stop until all lies are silent. I LOVE that about Him.

    Love to you, today,

  4. says

    Thank you for being so up-front about “the defining circumstances” in your life. That entire phrase was somewhat eluding me and reading your post opened my mind for deeper thinking. I enjoyed your R-list.

  5. says

    Thanks for the reminder of where we must go. Yes this book is another good one and i’m so grateful that I’m finding myself applying some of the principles! Great to journey along with you!

  6. says

    I love the image of the woman trying so desparately to touch just His robe, believing truly that she will be healed.

    Thank you for sharing your heart here with where the roots came from. I feel truly blessed to be called your friend.


    ps cute r’s

  7. says

    tho, I am not readind the book… I’m throughly enjoying your review and and your personal relation to each new topic.

    I can relate with the ‘yuck’ from my childhood on up and the talk that wants to still keep their chatter going….

    I’ve just recently found myself in prayer asking that I only hear and listen to His voice.

    Good stuff.
    Blessings! Deanna

  8. says

    I read “Self Talk, Soul Talk” quite awhile ago. It was impacting.

    Your word game was fun! I visited Liz so I could ‘play’ too!

    Have a great day!

  9. says

    Jennifer R. is an amazing woman. I need to get this book.
    I also love the visual of the woman reaching out to touch Jesus’ robe. I love that story.
    God has certainly blessed your life Laura. Though your past had many difficulties and you had to endure things no child should ever have to endure, when I see your life now and the blessing you are as a wife, mom, friend….and especially child of God, it’s pretty amazing. You’re pretty amazing! What a testimony you have about not giving in or giving up. I love it!
    I know you are certainly a blessing to me.

    Enjoy your day home again with the boys. I’m home again too! Yay! I need to be more productive today.;)
    Love ya!

  10. says

    Hi Laura,
    My maternal grandmother was an alcoholic. She and my grandpa had a violent relationship. When my mom was a girl, they would live in a vacant house until the owner figured it out, then would move to somewhere else and not pay rent.

    My mom was the “good girl” who always did what she could to try to make things OK. Even now, everything is her business, and she talks about my brother and sister and me to each of us and drives us nuts with her worries. I should see if she’d like to read our book about our thought lives.

    Well, praise God for our group and his love and help through the Holy Spirit! It sounds like you are in a better place than when you were a girl.



  11. says

    Oh yeah… I can totally relate… I LOVE all those things, too! I just did this on my blog last week! I got the letter “L”… it was a lot of fun thinking of things that I love and I found that it brought me to a real state of thankfulness, as well, for all the lovely things in my life.

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