This Moment

We are a pause.

A resting place.

I stand on this ground, small and still, as they pass overhead; the rushing of their wings a roar.

And though I am bound to this earth, something inside lifts as I watch them soar.

Their passing pilgrimage blocks out the light of the sun momentarily, the sky filled with these mounting black bodies…

Dipping and weaving in and out of the clouds; soaring through heavens.

“My wedding!”

I hear her voice in my mind’s ear—this childhood best friend. Though we are separated by miles and busy-ness now, her voice is crisp and clear as the call of these birds. And she is with me in this holy moment.

To my delight, this body of birds—this mass of intertwining forms has become one—circles wide and one by one, this body loses members. They alight on naked branches, each a breathing still life against the winter white sky.

My breath wisps out in front of me, curling away from these gravity-bound lips.

The beauty of this tree of living baubles quiets me…stills this soul of searching.

And then they are gone, falling back into one…mounting mountains of sky and sailing these wing-ships.

It takes my breath away—this sudden rush of wings. The way the sky looks so empty at their departure.

I watch until they disappear, tiny specks on the horizon.

“My wedding,” I breathe the words up to Him.

This moment reminds me how I wait. How I am still waiting on my Bridegroom.


  1. says

    You never cease to amaze me. Not only the beauty that He has put within you but the ability He has given you to bless us with it.
    I love “moments” like these that capture our hearts and remind us that He is preparing for our wedding day. He is the Beautiful Lover of our souls!
    May He continue to whisper to your sweet heart today…..
    I think He is smiling because you captured The Moment!
    Love to you,

  2. says

    absolutely beautiful!

    As I look at the pictures me, a Florida girl, couldn’t help but to notice the grey cold overcast ~ but, it was as if it were not there at all, because the light that shines forth from your heart as you await your brideroom gloriously pierces through the shadow leaving no room left for anything except for love & light!

    In Him, Deanna

  3. says

    I’m in awe of birds swarming through the sky, the flow of their movements. It is a wonder how God created them to fly through the air, swooping, diving, soaring, chaos sometimes, perfect order other times. hmmm, while it is too stinking cold to be outside long enough to look up I’m enjoying the images in my mind.

  4. says

    A scared moment between you and the Lord – how precious. You put words to thoughts my heart longs to speak.

    So blessed by the One who has captured me with His love,

  5. says

    Oh wow. I clicked on your pics to enlarge and what a beautiful site.

    I think He desires us to stop and capture more moments. I pray I can stop more often and hear and see Him like this. Praying for it.
    Love ya,

  6. says

    Recently, we had a similar scene in our backyard and had not my german shepherd and golden retriever been affected by the “songs” of the hundreds of birds, I may have actually seen similar beauty. Instead, I was distracted by the howls and barks. Oh the luck!


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