Saturday. Reflection day.

Sun tickled eyes awake this morning and, after a long week of gray skies, it was much needed medicine.

Everything seems clearer today.

As I look back on these days with faith-filled eyes, gratitude overwhelms. He showers endless gifts.

We have made the most of this time together, and I am thankful for this “pushing through” that He urged me to do in the midst of this melancholy. My arms are open wide to receive these blessings.

He was there.

These moments…

These moments we will hold close to our hearts in the bleak days that visit us in the future.

He has taught me (once again) not to trust my feelings. That He is there, even when I do not perceive Him. Though I have felt alone in the past few days, I held fast to what I know is true.

He is here.

These moments of solitude should not be feared; though even in embracing them, I still do.

Fear, that is.

He sends me this to strengthen:

“Yet faith tells me that this solitude is not real, that in our aloneness we come from God, are in God, are on the way to God. Further, that we shall one day be one with the one God, so sharing his solitude. Yet, that same faith assures us that God’s solitude is a community of love. So what looks lone turns out not to be.

“Which is why solitude is so good. By means of entering into it, you discover it’s not like you were told. It is not lonely in that way. It is lonely, but when you live with it for a while, it turns on you, it opens up, it unfolds.”—Matthew Kelty, Flute Solo

Today, it is unfolding, friends. Like the petals of a flower in this warm sun shining through my window. Bleakness is lifting and blue skies smile down.

Have a beautiful day, sweet ones. You bless me so.

Thanks you, sweet friends, for your kind words and encouragement. You love humbles me and leads me to Him.


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    Hmmm, fear is interesting. It can suck the breath out of us. Training ourselves to stop whatever we’re doing or thinking and set our gaze on Him…

    oh God help us do that…stopping, breath in, breath out with your gaze fixed on the throne. That’s right let go of all that you’re holding in…relax, remember that there is not a single second that He is not with you….breath in deeply in awe of the body God created, breathe out sensing His Spirit having room to enter in, tingling down to your toes, receive His love, open yourself to the Holy Spirit, thanking Jesus for His love, breathe in of all He is, breathe out all that isn’t of Him.

    You have now peeked into my moments with Him when this world tries to rob me of His peace.

    Looked like a wonderful week. They keep teasing us that Feb. will actually bring some snow. Oh how I hope…it overwhelms me with its beauty.

    Praying you have a GRAND week with Him Laura!

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    Solitude is a virtue that the Lord invited me to practice on New Year’s Day 2008. I would say lonely, yes but oh so worth it. Because it in the silences we can hear His quiet whispers.

    You guys got some snow!!! Here in Texas we just got gray and cold…no snow, no men. Yours is super cute!!

    Enjoy His presence!

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    snow sparkles, sun warms and turns us, just before we trip over a long, blue shadow behind the little tree…

    : )

    Can’t wait to read what you see when you close your eyes…

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    I was so ready to see sunshine too.
    It’s beginning to thaw out here…finally.
    We were in desperate need of moisture.

    I went back to work yesterday. I enjoy being home, but after a while I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better.
    You captured some great pictures.
    I love your snowman!

    Today they say it’s supposed to be 70 degrees here.
    Isn’t that crazy?!!

    I won’t complain.

    Let the Son shine in, Laura!
    Love ya,

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    I love all your pictures, Laura. I never thought about making such long eyelashes for a Ms. Snowoman.

    Must I say though, get those toesies covered up…even if next to the warm glow of the fireplace. hehe I’ve got two pair of socks on now.

    Sorry I’ve been so absent. When the wintersnow came, hibernation came in not only a physical sense but also a mental and emotional sense. I pray I come out of hibernation soon and with the routine returning next week.
    Love ya,

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    I’m glad God sent some sunshine your way. I enjoyed your moments in the snow. My kids would love to play in it and build a snowman. Have a great day! 🙂

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    Yes, He is here.

    Lovely photos!

    What fun.

    Thanks for your comment at Heart of a Ready Writer.

    Someone is definitely stepping on my toes today . . . and I think it’s God. I need to be a lot more faithful in hungering for the lost.

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    Solitude has been a friend to me of late. I am learning to rest in it – it hasn’t been easy, resting.

    Your photos are beautiful, genuine – as are your words.


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    I especially loved the medicine shots of sunshine in the beginning!! I so appreciate being to see your example of not trusting emotions, and instead relying on Him… I soooo struggle with this and fear grips me all too often. I am encouraged through your story!

    love to you this weekend and pray next week is filled with more sunshine!

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    Oh friend, I have been in that place of aloneness…. so alone that you wonder why all has gone silent. You strain your ear to hear His breath, His whisper, His voice.

    I loved what was written in the Flute Solo… it’s true. It does turn on you. This solitude that I have been in is beginning to turn on me and reveal to me the hidden things in secret places that Papa has unfolded before me. I had no idea such solitude could reveal these things….

    Love you friend,

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    Looks like you love your camera and words as much as I do. I love your heart and willingness to receive from God. He is here!

    Loved this visual picture of your day.


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