Winged Reminder

I must have heard it in my sleep.

When I open my eyes, I am not sure.

Perhaps it was only the whistling of the cold air return.

I rise slowly, straining ears to hear.


Quietly, I float downstairs and gaze out the French doors onto the meadow. Press my forehead against the cold glass.

The grasses are covered in heavy white, trees embraced by a coating of ice. A smattering of ice petals falls from the sky.

I must have been dreaming. He wouldn’t be in the middle of this. I have never heard him this deep into winter.

Nevertheless, I hear him now.

The lilting song of the Meadowlark drifts over white stillness, falling on these ears and this heart.

I search the ice encrusted branches, scan frozen grass sculptures. But I do not see his yellow breast.

Am I hearing things?

He sings his song repeatedly, as if to say, “Here! I am here!”

These weak eyes cannot find him, but these ears hungrily consume.

In the middle of this bleak winter–when I cannot see Him—He is here.

Discouragement has been my companion of late. My heart heavy with tasks undone. I feel His promises, but remain helpless to keep my part. I watch as opportunities pass.

He argues with me. I argue back.

It is too hard, I say to Him.

I did not say it would be easy, He responds.

Gently, He reminds me of Paul—the hard work he did. And reads to me the stories of others who gave much–who gave up much.

And too, He whispers of the work of the Cross.

My shame is deep as the snow that hides my Meadowlark.

It is not His desire to shame me, and He attends to me tenderly.

I would stay here forever, wrapped in His arms. But He reminds me there is work that needs doing.

I will gladly do it for Him. I only needed reminded that He is the reason.

He is the reason I do this work.

This work of life.

This work of love.

Of living and breathing and cooking and cleaning and…


He is all the reason I need.


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    I love how He brings you back around to Himself… even in the everyday things, even in the accompaniment of discouragement. It’s all for Him, even if it is hard to remember. I’m there with you. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. says

    Oh, this speaks to me. He is there…we can hear him, if we listen…but we may not always see him!

    You have a gift-your words always jump from the page.
    God Bless

  3. says

    That was beautiful.

    Love how God never leaves us alone until the task is done,then on to the next…

    We KNOW He’s there even if we can’t see Him.

  4. says

    Well along the path of looking for Him I hope you didn’t miss Him in the simple beauty surrounding you. He knows, He loves, He embraces you. You are loved. Life is good, take great joy in tiny moments…He is there.

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    Sigh… you have such a wonderful way with words… you take what some would think a simple moment and turn it into the beauty that it is.

    I love, love, love your writing… it resonates within.

    Thank you for sharing this… it is a much needed reminder of why we do what we do… all for Him.

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    Oh, this brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart. I will have to read it over a few more times to soak in more. You paint such a beautiful picture with your words. Thank you for this and thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment. I look forward to coming back here.

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    There is no better place than in the apple of His eye and the shadow of His wings (Psalm 17:8). From the artistry of your keyboard it sounds like you were deeply intertwined in both.


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    Greetings! I am here from Grey Like Snuffie’s sweet place. I have an affinity to things that fly, so when I saw the title of your post, I had to come.

    Beautiful thoughts. May The Lord refresh you and bring you great joy!


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    Laura, This is great… most people may have never even noticed that little miracle. I’m glad you did and that you shared that experience on here.

    Again, you have a wonderful way with words.

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    laura … the word deep is repeated here and i can’t help but think that Deep is calling unto deep … a “Come away My beloved …”

    would seem He captured your attention and now you’ve captured ours. lovely!

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    Dear, I love this post, and the beautiful simplicity of your writing!
    The way you write, and how God uses your words to paint pictures for all of us to see so clearly…
    Thank you for letting Him use you.
    I am praying for you as you said that discouragement has been with you recently. I pray that you will continue to feel His arms of rest and encouragement, and that your soul will feel fed by Him.
    May you have the courage and strength and desire and faith to reach out to touch the hem of His robe through the thronging crowd.
    Love you,

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    Laura, such beauty in your words. Such beauty in the way you express how God gentely reminds you that our work we do is for Him. From the mundane to the exciting.


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    John 10:10 “The thief comes to steal, and to kill and to destroy: I have come they you might have life , and they you might have it more abundantly.” Written in red….Jesus’ very own Words.
    Satan is such a liar and we just have to keep those Scriptures ready in our mind to speak over situations when he sneaks in and tries to discourage us. Remember way back in Gen. when he said to Eve…”Did God really say?” He’s been at it so long, he doesn’t give up. He tries to plant those seeds of doubt…..”Did God really say?”
    I’ve probably shared before, but one of my very favorite books is by Beth Moore “Praying God’s Word.”
    It’s so great for times like these when the enemy comes along. We have the privilege to say to him…”That’s not what my God says about me or this situation.” He has to flee.
    Sorry :)…I got off on a little preaching spell there. 😉
    You’re awesome Laura. You are gifted and talented….lovely, a great mom and wife…great encourager to all your blogging friends & most of all a child of the King.
    Be encouraged today in the unfailing Word.
    Love you!

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    “These weak eyes cannot find him, but these ears hungrily consume.
    In the middle of this bleak winter–when I cannot see Him—He is here.”

    I often search for God with weak eyes when all I need to do is listen with hungry ears…because He is constantly speaking!(Job 33:14)

    Beautiful post!!
    Blessings to you!!

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    Oh friend, He too has spoken to me of the Meadowlark. I love how He takes things and speaks them so personally to us, individually, yet sometimes corporately….

    I could read your words all day…. They are so beautiful.

    I understand the hardness of the “winter’s pruning”….

    But the fruit that comes in Spring…. well it sorta makes you forget the hardness….

    Love ya, Friend,

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    Tears welling, heart touched – again, Laura you have stirred my soul again.
    The other morning, I stood in my kitchen, making coffee. The ice was frozen on the trees and on the ground, but the sun was shining, sparkling brightly on the ice. I stopped. A bird (not sure what kind) was singing a happy song. I thought, “I will try to post” and creativity did not come. Oh, your post inspires and challenges my ears and my heart to work together.
    Keep writing!

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    HE feels you with longing and with sadness, at times even emptiness. Then your gift responds with words that feel and give voice to all of us who can’t find our words.

    Your sadness gives words to our sadness and then we realize what we are meant to pray for.

    Beautiful and haunting at the same time. It reminds me of Jonathan Edwards and how he describes his melancholy and then his moments of exhilerating joy at GOD’S creation.

    You are a true jewel. Your gift is your words for HIM and for us.

    Love and blessings,

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    What gift–your miraculous meadowlark music in winter. Their songs never fail to make me cry smile-tears for the heartbreakingly beautiful reminder they are of God’s creative presence. I’ll remember yours until mine return to eastern Montana in Spring.

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