Giggles in the Morning

I remember what it feels like to have a bed full of chubby sweetness and tiny limbs.

When the boys were small, we did our fair share of co-sleeping.

Baby Jeffrey used to snuggle in between his father and me during the nights of frequent feedings. Without fail, before sunrise, Teddy toddled in—dragging silkie behind. He snuggled in beside, wedging small body into tiniest of places, grasping onto my hair with thumb in mouth.

Jeff–slept peacefully on his side of the bed as these two small creatures surrounded me–so close they become extensions of my body.

In those days of sleep deprivation, we would wake up in all manner of configurations. My neck and shoulders always stiff from wrapping arms around small packages–I remember despairing that I may never have another decent night’s sleep again.

This morning, at pre-dawn hour, telephone rings and I spring from sleep to rescue slumber of deep breathing boys.

It is the recorded message from the school board. School cancelled again.

Jeff gets up to take shower and I lie there–remembering–in lonely bed as snow falls softly down outside.

Cold feet pad in. Lifts covers and snuggles in close. As we lay there, me breathing deep the smell of morning on boy skin, he comes.

I turn head and see long legs standing, smiling crooked smile down on us.

He too climbs in beside.

This bed has gotten smaller.

Cold feet press against my skin and I catch my breath. They giggle and wiggle and chatter on in the dim of morning slowly coming on.

And here I am, surrounded by these not so small creatures again…these extensions of my heart.

As snow falls softly outside, I am keenly aware of the passing of time. These years have accumulated just as quietly as these gentle flakes falling down.

I drink deeply from this cup today.

And thank the Lord for these melting years.


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    Warm and cozy. Those days are a memory for me, but a sweet one. Your gift of sharing yours, brings the warm feeling back to my memories.
    Thank you, dear Laura. Enjoy yet another snow day!

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    Well you response about “getting the call” this morning was more holy and appropriate than mine! I had a big day planned…so much work to get done on Esther study and on an upcoming speaking engagement. Now, all put aside until tonight for the sake of a few flakes and a few kids!

    And as for the snuggling? No one wants to snuggle except husband and baby girl and the bed is far too small for all of us.

    Still and yet, I love hearing about your pause. You’re such a tender spirit.


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    I love this post Laura! This morning when I got home from my night job I peeked into my 14 year old Aaron’s room to make sure he was up and ready. His room was empty and when I walked into mine there he was sound asleep…dressed & ready for school in our bed. His 6’1″ frame took up the entire bed, but it was neat just to watch him for a few.
    I really love the way you reflect & see things. You make me more observant of those around me.
    Love you!!

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    Ahhh…I was right there with ya, Laura. Envisions this experience and wondering what it would’ve been like to be a mother myself. I know I’m only 34 (35 in three weeks) and still able but just never seemed to be a desire of mine until beloved left and I was left alone with no one to love or love me…you know…in my house. Who knows. For now, I’ll relish through my wonderful friends who are mothers.

    And my I say…get them boys some socks. Put a sign on your bed…socks required…like at a store…no shoes no service. NO socks, no cuddling…at least in these fridged winters. I wear socks 24/7 except for showering in the winter. Many times, two socks.

    Love ya,

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    What a tender moment
    captured in these beautiful words
    and in your heart.

    So glad you took the time
    to appreciate your treasures and to tell us about them
    …that we too may remember
    to delight in these things
    with our own dear ones.


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    I remember those mornings. They seem so long ago. Cherish the touch of cold feet, as the memories will warm your heart.

    Your cup is overflowing my friend,

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    Glad you had a “together” time as well, Laura! I toddle between wanting our bed to ourselves and wanting to cuddle with little bodies forever!

    BTW, we enjoyed Jeff on Sunday!

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    Oh, I just had to disobey myself (“it’s not time to do blogs, Naomi!”, is what is replaying in my head) and tell you that on the other side of the world, this Mother, me, was thinking of, reminiscing and appreciating, the very same thing! My two boys and me, on a breezy summer morning, arms and legs entwined, giggling ’cause where trying not to wake Daddy… Me, all too aware with a teenager in the house, that these days too, just like the baby days, are to be cherished!… You are SO beautiful!!!

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    savor the moments Laura…

    just yesterday we had a delay opening and I laid in bed remember when my guys were small and how they used to climb in bed with me on such a morning…not anymore (sigh)

    thank you for always leaving me such encouragement on my blog–you are a treasure from above!


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    That’s so sweet. I remember those days, when I could snuggle my little girl head to toe in my chest. Now when she jumps in bed with me I think how much longer will she want to do this, I squeeze every precious moment I can out of it.

    Have a fun snow day.


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    How precious!
    Do take it all in because time certainly flies by. We had our share of children in our bed…
    us in our childrens’ beds…
    dog in our bed….
    Fun times!
    Now, it’s just me and hubby. Not even a doggie. 🙁
    Enjoy the snow.
    I have a blogging friend in Tulsa who is really wanting a good, pretty snow. Me…well, I like sunny & 70.
    Love ya Laura!

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    Good Morning, Friend,

    How are you today? It’s quiet and peaceful right now in my home…ahhh. So, what week are you on in Esther? We watched the meanness one…boy, did she preach! Loved it. Hit the nail on the head. I blogged on it at Our ladies are learning about the blog. They read it but haven’t really ventured into commenting yet. Can’t wait for Monday night to discuss what they learned about meanness, and I’m eager to share what God has put on my heart about it.

    Hope all is going well.

    His Daughter,


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