Grace in Hidden Places (and a giveaway announcement!)

I am driving home from work under threat of rain.

Ashen clouds loom but the storm is in my head.

These faces.

This day they will not leave me be.

They bluster about the windows of my mind, hammering up against closed shutters until beaten flaps are left hanging—swaying to and fro in this storm.

My patients.**

Some days their stories stick to me and not even a violent wind can blow them away.

I am thinking about the one we lost last week…so young;

the one who traded love for drink, and the injury that will change that forever.

I see this grandparent—wonder how this unheeding grasp will till the soil again.

I see how the unexpected death of a beloved pet can send one who has lost a limb into unfathomable throes of grief.

These stories leave me reeling.

Searching for grace.

Aren’t we all?

Aren’t we all searching for “…Grace in Hard and Hidden Places”?

Will you please join me on Saturday for some reflection on Finding this Grace? I have been longing to share with you some gleanings from a recent read that I have been treasuring.

The pages have all been turned, but I am not ready to put the book down. I am still holding on to the words…letting them speak to deep places inside.

The book? L.L. Barkat’s Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places.

Will you do me the honor of pulling up a chair so that I may share some thoughts? Three lucky visitors will walk away with their own copy of this precious book (the grand prize a signed copy!!).

That’s right! It’s my VERY FIRST bloggy giveaway! This wallflower is stepping onto the dance floor!

I’m a little nervous about it all, my friends.

But I simply must share.

Join me on Saturday for a chance to win this lovely book.

Finding His Grace in it all…


**details may be changed to protect identities. I am privileged to be entrusted with these stories and respectfully guard that honor.


ABCs of the word, with Pam...


Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.”–Isaiah 40:1


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    It is such a privilege when others come to us with their stories. The depth of human pain is often amazing, yet I hang on to the height of joy when freedom is realized. This book sounds intriguing. Rejoicing in your glee with your first giveaway. Reminds me that I still have a book sent to me that I have yet to give away. I love how God sends “mental” helpers every where I go to help me remember! 🙂

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    Those who are hurting are blessed that they can come to you…You would offer such comfort……..and hope….You are so gentle and tender hearted…..What a gift you must be to them………

    Would love to join you tomorrow…I hope that I will be able to…….How special and how fun!!!!

    Blessings to you, sweet friend!!!!


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    yesterday my beloved and i sat opposite our attorney (completing our wills) who departed from business as usual to bring us into the story of a man she used to be neighbor to who was unjustly accused, some twenty years ago, of murdering someone. he was 15 then … 15 … and the state turned a blind eye on justice in order to expedite a guilty verdict and sentencing.

    this fine woman has been and continues to be an advocate for this precious soul who has endured, like jospeh, what the enemy meant for evil. she is working to this day to bring the truth and this man into the light of freedom.

    as she lay word upon word of her story … his story … i realized that we were journeying together upon the holy ground of Abba’s story. God had a purpose in her telling and our listening yesterday. over and over i thought … what shall i do with these words, Father? help me to unwrap their gift! what are You depositing inside of me that must forever leave me undone to myself in order that i may be, in the breaking, passed along to another?

    every day someone’s story searches for Abba’s child.

    those who have ears to hear … let them …

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    Your shoulders bear much weight…but His Yoke is easy and His burden is light.
    I am thankful that you, whom they turn to for guidance, knows the One who can bear it all… whether they choose to accept it or not.

    I am sorry to say I will be MIA tomorrow (wonderful Marriage simulcast all day. yippee. then no internet after 6 {lent}), so I will miss the giveaway. But I look forward to looking back on your post!


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    You have been blessed, put into a position by God. He knew the plans he had for you before you were even born. A Christian can have such a compassion like no other in the medical field, they also have the upper hand-one HIPPA can not even touch the power of PRAYER!

    Keep on-at your best and when the load of the day-from work gets heavy and hard to handle, I know you know what I am going to say, lay it down at HIS feet.


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    How this has grabbed my heart. My minds eye can see these dear ones and feel the rain that beats inside you as their stories pour over you. True stories with lasting memories. May the Lord continue to give you His compassion to listen and embrace these lives for His glory.

    Thanking God today for His saving grace and looking forward to your post tomorrow. This book sounds like a true treasure.


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    I couldn’t help but think of Ashley from the Redemption series by K. Kingsbury and all Ashely learned while helping the elderly. There she found her own healing, now that is GRACE.

    Love YOU

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    Oh Laura… I can hear your pain and hurt over these patients. Beth Moore’s statement rings so true in this, “people are hurting out there!”.

    We are all searching for something to save us… I am so thankful that I know the only one that can save us. They are blessed to have you. Your shoulders bear so much…


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    I wish you could come for a yummy scone…coffee and scones in teh morning and hopefully some snow….we’re actually supposed to get some snow tonight. Dogs add years to life. They are some work but they bring SO MUCH JOY!!!! We’re actually thinking about getting another dog to go with our little Diva.

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