Shoots of Green

Look what we saw in our frolic this afternoon:

It’s enough to inspire poetry! Join L.L. Barket for Random Acts of Poetry every Friday (I’m a little late). This weeks challenge? Scarlet, or write a poem on color. Here’s my offering…

Shoot of Green

shoot of green

reaching through the earth with pointed finger

I wait

for you to reveal yourself

to boldly declare

beauty enveloped

in praying sepals

I picture

in my mind

the secret you have hidden

in your womb

the blooms

come alive

in my imagination

and garden becomes a thing of expectation–

sleeping joy.

I rejoice in the waiting

because I know

what is to come.


  1. says

    Actually, it turns out you are early. : ) I’m going to gather these either next week or the following.

    I love this part…

    the secret you have hidden

    in your womb

    the blooms

  2. says

    Oh the promise of spring, especially as I look outside my window at blowing snow as another storm passes through.

    Thanks for the hope this post has planted,

  3. says

    Stunning my friend, just stunning….

    I love the promise of Spring… at the end of the cold, bleak winter. There’s just something about the change of seasons that speaks so tenderly to my heart….

    Thanks for your sweet words at my blog. As always you encourage and bless my heart so much with each visit.

    Love and Hugs from Georgia!

  4. says

    “I rejoice in the waiting because I know what is to come.”

    Oh, what beautiful anticipation when we do know what is to come. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for waitingn with the unknown.

    I, too, have sprouts of green…I hope it’s not too soon and causes them to “die” off with a late frost.

    Love ya,

  5. says

    Laura, this is really beautiful! Must be something in the air – I posted about crocus coming up at my place this week. Spring is just around the corner!

  6. says

    I loved your poem, Laura. We are enjoying the sunshine through the windows today, because the high is only suppose to be in the upper 30s.

    It’s already been quoted several times, but I love this line, too!

    “I rejoice in the waiting because I know what is to come.”

    Have a beautiful day!

  7. says

    Great poem. I also read the post you had debating what to share with the young girls you teach.

    I work with young people and have found that no matter how much you give them they tend to choose their own path.

    I have often found myself trying to help them go in a certain direction rather than allowing God to take control.

    It takes courage to allow God to do his thing in people’s lives and not obstructing Him.

  8. says

    “sleeping joy”–Love those two words. Together. They belong. Such promise in the dormant. I too found my bulbs coming awake. And notice myself waking, too. To joy!

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