Getting Ready…







Breathing treatments ready?


Boys’ medications laid out for Grammy?



I’m all packed, friends, but I’m beginning to wonder if this will be a vacation or convalescence!

Perhaps, if I am fortunate, a bit of both?

We’ve spent the morning in preparation–doing laundry, grocery shopping, packing…

No one will give up the secret. Not even the dog.

This is her idea of helping, by the way:

Yes, those are clean clothes. They were still warm when I sat down here to clickety clack.

So, anyway…

I still don’t know where Jeff is whisking me away to.

Some of the hints suggest to me that this is not just a simple get-away. There may be some layers involved.

We shall see, we shall see.

I hope to be able to check in with you all, but as I do not know the nature of things, I’m not sure I’ll be able to!

Pray us some traveling mercies, friends, and thanks for all the birthday wishes.

I’ll let you know how it all turns out…


  1. says

    oh, they all gotta be just having the hardest time not telling you!

    except for lucy mae, that is. she looks pretty fine with you not knowing.

    just think, we have to wait even “longer” to find out where you are off to.

    hither and yon! hopefully you won’t have to do any dishes.

  2. says

    At first when you said it wasn’t going to be a simple get-a-way but with layers….I thought you mistyped and meant lawyers. I was thinking what kind of vacation involves business. He did say vacation and not business trip, I thought. Ha.

    I’m hoping he gave you a clue as to the time of clothes to pack so you don’t take fiften suitecases with your clothes.

    Are you flying or driving? I would say the first flight may give you a clue unless he blind folds you and earmuffs you to not hear the pilots announcements. But maybe it’s a road trip.
    Love ya and have a blast, girlfriend.

  3. says

    Praying for you and your sweetie! May each layer exposed bring abundant blessings and joy! Looks like the pup wants to go with! She must know something! :o)

    Happy Birthday!

  4. says

    Oh I’m on the edge. The anti dieahrea though, that does leave one to wonder. Hopefully you won’t need that.

    Lucy Mae totally cracks me up. She looks pretty happy and content.

    Have a beautiful Birthday. Enjoy Enjoy.

    Love ya,

  5. says

    Sounds excitingly romantic! Have a blast and know how blessed you are to have a husband who is so into you and your relationship that he would think of doine something like this!

    Enjoy girlfriend!

  6. says

    First of all…”Happy Birthday!!!”

    I’ve been on vacation and am SO behind on reading all of my favorite blogs.

    How sweet of your husband to plan such a wonderful surprise. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I do hope you’ll be able to share with us.

    I always pray for protection and favor with God and man when I travel. He always comes through & is so faithful to take such good care of every detail.
    I’ll pray the same for you, my precious friend.

    Love ya,

  7. says

    Lucy Mae is just too cute. Maybe she needs a vacation too. I am SO THRILLED that you are having this opportunity. Praying that you will embrace and enjoy each and every minute. Can hardly wait to hear some of the details upon your return! HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

    With Love,

  8. says

    Dear Sweet Laura! Happy Happy Birthday. I’ve not been around much, and I’m sorry to have been late with my best wishes, but oh, aren’t you in for something wonderful!!! I hope it’s all you need it to be, this wonderful surprise get-away. Stay well, stay safe and enjoy! Loads of blessings to you! Naomi x

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