Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

After a few days in New Orleans–where we were awakened in the night by water trucks hosing down the streets—and a couple nights at Pensacola beach—where we were awakened by thunder and laughing youths…what a blessing to awaken on Saturday morning to the sound of songbirds in the trees outside my window.

We drove nine hours on Friday to meet up with some friends in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Our final stop on the birthday trip.

As the familiar slope of landscape and burgeoning forest pass by me in the windows, I am left in the wake of a tidal wave of homesickness. We are getting closer to home.

One more day to get to my boys.

God blesses abundantly. Spending our last night of vacation with dear friends—such a sweet way to close. But the next morning was even sweeter.

That morning, when I hear the birds, I slip out of bed and onto the balcony—and into the clouds.

The misty morning air around me white, trees ghostly pale below…

I am one with the air–breath mingling with pines, thin wisp rising in white—heart beating with the thrum of a nearby woodpecker…

It stills me.

Our cabin is three stories high and I look down into the trees, over the valley to neighboring mountain.

I think of all the mountain journeys in the Bible.

And I know I have been on one of my own.

My God met me there, in the clouds on that mountain.

I ached with loving Him as I stood in the treetops.

The loneliness for my boys, this new tender love for my husband, this quiet joy of good and godly friendships…

They all passed away.

And I knew Iwas home.

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    Oh to be home again, my heart is actually yearning to be home again as well. I started in yesterday, that yearning….we arrive home on Wednesday later afternoon.

    I love being away, I love my man much, and God even more, but home, well that is where you’ll find my heart longing….home.

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    I’m so glad you and your husband had such a nice get-away together. I just think that’s so sweet of him to plan all of that for your birthday.

    It’s always great to be home.
    I’m desperately trying to catch up on reading and commenting this evening while watching basketball.

    Have a great week Laura.
    Hope your birthday was wonderful!

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    Welcome Home! I am so glad that you had such a nice trip. Isn’t it amazing that no matter where we go, there is a sense of home because God has gone with us.

    God bless,

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    So glad you were able to enjoy this time with your hubby and friends! I love the picture of the Smoky Mountains. I find peace in your writing, friend.

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    The steps towards home always seem with filled with a bit more quickness and hunger. So, glad that this journey down memory lane brought so much to your heart. I am grateful that you shared so much with us.


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    So glad you were able to meet God on the mountain….whether a mountain or valley He is ever present waiting, desiring us. Your words always encourage me and they are beautiful to boot! Thanks for sharing.

    In Him,

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    Times on the mountain tops keep us strong enough for the times we spend in the trenches. I am so glad that you had a blessed time with our Lord. Welcome home.

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    Laura, this had me all in tears- no kidding. I have been longing for a mountain experience with God… So grateful for His presence in our lives.

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    I hope your husband reads how you write about him and your boys too. Sounds like such a neat time you both had together. What wonderful memories, but glad your home safe & sound.

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