Searching for Grace

Here is my poetry offering for this week’s writing challenge over at Seedlings in Stone:

Searching For Grace

He stands

in bitter cold

this cardboard billboard

in his hands:


Will work for food.

God bless.

Or did it read:


Poor choices.



I feel

angry indignation.



avert eyes as I drive by–

Still he stands,

day after day,

season after season.

Why do I

avert my eyes

from the not so beautiful,

when it is

my own shame

that stares back at me

through his eyes?

God bless you,

words uttered

with downcast eyes

as I slip folded bills

into dirty hand.

Then, I look at him

see into his eyes

try to see through his eyes–

see HIM

this real live work of God

And I smile.

And for

just one moment

he sees Jesus

I pull

hand away

and drive off

the smell of stale cigarettes

and unwashed flesh


I want to wash it away


I hold fingers

against nose

and softly breathe

the sharp aroma

of sorrow

and poor choices.

And for

just one moment

I see Jesus.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a copy of L.L. Barkat’s lovely book, Stone Crossings. I’ll draw three names from all comments on this post tonight!


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    Wow this is excellent! And really touched my heart in that place where I feel guilty for my own reactions and questions towards those in need of grace.

  2. says

    Wow, Laura! I came over to read Self Talk Soul Talk and found this first. I can see the man in my mind’s eyes, and can smell the fragrance on my own fingers. Beautiful job. I think I will have to pop over to L.L. and try the challenge. Life has been busy and I SO need to finish my chapter in Self Talk Soul Talk.

    I will be back later!

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    Have you ever heard of Beth Moore? Your beautiful gift with a pen reminds me of her gift…..Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. It humbles me.

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    I love this! Your lines “for just one moment…” are repeated in such a perfect way, they really hit my heart. I can see the scene in my mind…and have been there myself. It makes me think…”whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me”.

    Thanks for this!

  5. says

    Like the sounds and the imagery in this part…

    this cardboard billboard

    in his hands:

    And, as always, love having you with me on this poetic journey.

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