A Quick Note…

Going to visit the relatives today…

Looking forward to a roadtrip with my boys.

Just a quick overnight and back. Time will pass quickly as we scuttle from one house to the next.
Due to the holiday, I haven’t had time to put together a cohesive post for my Monday High Calling Blogs book club, but I would like to leave you with this:

“…the first step in living a great life is to live a worthwhile life, and that’s something each one of us can do. It’s something we must do if we want our lives to matter and to make a difference.”
—Bill Strickland, Make the Impossible Possible

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    I so pray, from the depths of my heart/soul that I will make a difference and that I matter.

    Enjoy the relatives.

    Lovingly from my heart to yours,

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    Dear Laura,
    Yes, a worthwhile life, making a difference. We cannot do that if we are walking through life with a mirror in front of us…great encouragement to look outside of how life is treating us and instead how we are treating others!
    Traveling mercies!

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    Laura… I hope that your quick trip went well.

    I was like a kid on Christmas this afternoon when my mailman came. I love to get surprises!! Thank you so much for sending me the sweet gift. I cannot wait to pop those in and listen. I know that if they bless you… they will bless me too. Thanks so much for your sweet thoughtfulness.


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