Fear verses Faith

Yes to God Bible Study: An Untroubled Heart by Micca Campbell

Chapter Five: Family Matters

This week’s reading went down like a mug of hot chocolate on a cold wintry day.

I don’t know what it is about being a mother that fills me with fear and insecurities. Sometimes I love these two little people that came from my body so much that it fills me with panic.

What if I do this all wrong?

Micca asks us at the end of this chapter, “Would you describe yourself as a faith-driven parent or a fear-driven parent?”

It was difficult for me to look inside and honestly answer this question.

The truth is, the older my boys get–the more I seem to be filled with fears about their future.

They were so easy when they were soft and round and pink. I look back on those days of the scent of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo with longing now. They were so…


Now, they seem to have this thing called an opinion about everything. They have desires and interests. They have grown into their own little personalities.

For the most part, these developments fill me with joy and anticipation.

I like the people my little guys are becoming. It has been a wonderful gift from God to watch them grow and see them experience life.

But too many times I have let my expectations interfere with their healthy development. I could really relate to Micca’s statement about her son, Mitch, after he got a tattoo.

“My son, who I thought was made in my image, actually had dreams and a God-given purpose of his own. I had to let go of my own dreams, expectations, and fears and accept him as he was, tattoo and all.”

Micca reminded me throughout this chapter (and this is the sweetness of the hot chocolate going down) of God’s promises to me.

Choosing to trust in Him rather than give in to fear is a gift that I can give my children.

As long as they always do what I want them to do.

Just kidding.


They were His first.

I’m trying to trust Him with them. Even when I don’t understand the path He chooses for them.



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    Beautifully said, Laura. Parenting HAS to be the most difficult job one can have. I wasn’t blessed with children of my own so can only imagine how hard it is to ‘let go and trust”. I am 13 years older than my youngest sister and was by her side along the way of her unexpected pregnancy and in the delivery room when that precious boy was born. My love for him is deeper than I ever imagined possible and he isn’t even “mine”.

    Love to you!

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    The concerns don’t stop as they grow older; in many ways, I think they magnify. Have we done enough? Are they strong enough to handle the pressures of college? Is any girl worthy of their love?

    My 2nd son is getting ready to graduate from high school. He’s cutting the cord; I remember feeling this profoundly with my older son 2 years ago. I’m less surprised by it now, but still it hurts for so many reasons.

    God does prepare you for this, though, as you go. When it’s time, you’ll be able to launch them, but it won’t be without a few nights of tears in the pillow and feeling like you’ve had the wind knocked out of you.

    As it should be, I think.

    Grow with them, mom. It’s part of our becoming too.

    Love your heart! And keeping working on some entries for “pillow talk.” I still think this would make a great devo type of book. I see the cover in my head now.


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    I know I loved this chapter. I’ve not blogged on yet, but totally relate to where you say The truth is, “the older my boys get–the more I seem to be filled with fears about their future.” It’s true, oh how some days I wish my sweet Brinn was 2 again.

    Thankfully our wonderful little ones have a Heavenly Father, and so do we to teach us what to do.

    Walking this journey of parenting is scary and amazing all at the same time.

    Hanging on to God’s promises with you.


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    Encouraging post. So grateful that their journey is not totally up to us. Truly some days I feel it is not up to me at all. I am thankful that we have a Heavenly Father who created them and loves them. That He is faithful in all His ways. Love Carol’s line…
    Hanging on to God’s promises…how I need to walk there daily.

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    I think back to when I held my son in my arms, standing with my husband at the front of our church, offering him, in dedication to the Lord. Thanking God for this precious gift of life, and surrendering him to the Lord. It’s a continual, daily dedication and renewing of that promise.

    Our children…and we mom’s…are in no better keeping,

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