Before I have the chance to absorb the fact that his chest is now broad enough for me to rest my head on, I catch the faint thrumming underneath.

He prattles on–our pillow talk.

“Shhh,” I say, softly, pressing cheek into warm softness.

He is very still, and, it seems, the thrumming grows stronger for the listening.

The doctors tell me there is a murmur in there somewhere. I strain, but all I hear is a steady beat.

I turn my face so I can see his.

“Your heart is beating,” I whisper.

His smile illuminated by closet light cascade.

“I know.”

I return ear to that small place and close my eyes, soothed by this song of life.

And the miracle of it makes me all soft inside.


  1. says

    A gentle rhythm who found life in the heart of his Creator; began it’s own beat in the womb of his mother and who now sings a heartsong of his own.

    Rejoice my friend in this music that is your son.


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    I don’t need to tell you to savor those moments
    you write so beautifully

    we can see your heart
    thanks for sharing it with us

  3. says

    Oh, all of the above! You have a gift, and you ARE a gift! I’ve missed you!…

    (Love your new look, too ;)!!)

    I am really relishing the book – soaking it up and ‘doing’ alot with it… such a blessing…

    Love to you today…

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    What a beautiful, tender moment. How nice of you to share it. (And so well-written, too!)

    Heart songs and life songs — how sweet these must sound in the ears of God …

    “Let me lifesong sing to You!”

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    Dear sweet friend, what a beautiful revelation of your heart in words… as usual.

    I’ve been out of sorts with visiting blogs lately. Time just seems to be running by some days.

    I was finally able to catch up here! I’ve missed you.
    How in the world are you? I’m in a “seeking” phase…about something that’s on my heart. Walking one step at a time, in this “blindness”… a good thing. It requires dependence on the One and Only.

    Hope you are doing well. Miss you! Julie

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