Life as Poetry

So I am slowly coming down from the mountain.

Kicking and screaming.

Coming home was so sweet at first. I missed my boys so much that I even enjoyed folding their underwear for a couple days.

The honeymoon is over, and I’m knee-deep in real life again.

Which brings to mind the question: Why can’t we live perpetually in the carefree state of mind we inhabit during times of holiday?

I’ll tell you why.

Cause there are floors that need cleaning.

And children that need fed.

Appointments that need shuttled to.

And underwear that needs folded.

Sometimes real life steals my joy.

I struggle with keeping my mind on “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable…anything…excellent or praiseworthy…” as good ‘ol Paul exhorts me to.

Has anyone else been there?

I’ve had to be deliberate about my seeing these past couple days. Looking for beauty at each turn, so my heart will be happy with the every day. Letting eyes feast on the least noticed—which is sometimes where beauty rests.

This exercise has led me to thinking of poetry, and L.L.’s latest challenge. I’m late on the pick-up, but here is my offering.

Life is Poetry

Life is poetry

or poetry is life

This breathing in

and out

damp breath fanning

on cheeks

and necks

and shoulders

Folding underwear

gives soft



The chop



of knife

gives rhythm

and sizzle

of butter

in pan

a song to

dance to

Smooth skin

of my young

smells like


as downy covers

surround our


The day drips

this meter of


if only God


eyes to see

Life as poetry.

And here are a few pieces of beauty that I found had bloomed out while I was away on birthday trip.

God give me eyes to see…


  1. says

    Love the eggs! And love the fragility of this poem, that offers such round little gifts as these…

    damp breath fanning

    on cheeks

    and necks

    and the part about the knife chop, chop, chopping…

  2. says

    You are so gifted Laura!
    Poetry is not my gift. It’s so beautiful and I wish I were expressive like that.

    I definitely know the feelings you felt upon returning from vacation.
    You need to do the Esther study. It’s so good. We women are all so much alike and feel so many of the same things. It helps to know that!

    Love your pictures! I’m so thankful for sight. God has surely given us some amazing things to behold.

    Love ya & pray for you often!

  3. says

    Our daffodils are all bloomed out, enjoying the other flowers now – azalas, iris. Your poem is lovely – liked the line “Folding underwear gives soft lumpy joy” That is really looking for joy in the midst of a common life. Lovely!

  4. says

    Always a deliberate choice to find God in my daily. He’s always there; sometimes, I just refuse to stop and look. As I grow older, I’m learning the value of my stopping. I think it’s one of the rare gifts of the aging process. We finally get to the point of realizing that there is a Point beyond our routine!

    Love the pictures.


  5. says

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  6. says


    As I stop in on a few uplifting blogs this morning before I get about the business of my life…. Thank you for the beautiful words… I so enjoy your writing! I loved the pictures, spring is just so pretty!

    In Him,

  7. says

    How did you get inside my head for this last week as I came home from that awsesome weekend trip???

    I just asked God why does my head still have to tell my heart how to feel after all these years.

    Remember joy is a fruit. It just blooms in us the longer we walk with him and so is peace. As I read in Judges 6:24 “God is peace” it spoke so much to me. The fruit is Him. He just is. In us. I just have to let Him be.

    It’s hard to come back to life and dirty floors and underwear.

    Me too friend, me too!

  8. says

    Philippians 4:8 just keeps coming at me, perhaps it will be one of my scripture memories for April.

    Thank you for doing life with me, even from miles and miles…I still sense you and your love close.


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  10. says

    life is poetry.

    but every once in a while, I wish it were:

    life is vacation.

    sigh. oh well. it keeps me longing for heaven, sweet friend!!! haha.

  11. says

    Wow, I like your photos, especially the eggs and the blossoming tree! I wrote a poem for this challenge and then was too shy to post it. It’s really neat though, I used these exact same words, just at the end.

    “Life is poetry

    or poetry is life”

    I love your poem. Speaks of a lot of the things I have been thinking on lately… how beauty and poetry surround us… if we would just open our eyes to SEE and feel it.

  12. says

    What treasures you found upon your return! So glad you enjoyed your time away. I like these words:

    “gives rhythm

    and sizzle

    of butter

    in pan”

    I keep saying them over and over and it makes me smile :0)

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