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We have reached our final post for our High Calling Blogs book club book: Make the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland. (Thank goodness).

For the most part, I have enjoyed this read. It is inspiring and motivates me to reach…but by the end, I grew weary of the grandiose talk and the amazing goals Mr. Strickland was able to accomplish in his life. Some of his experiences ring hollow in my ears. His pursuits seem selfish and, like Erica, I found myself wondering if this man had a family that he left behind on all these dream chasing excursions.

Following a dream is a worthy path, but if I were to suddenly decide I wanted to pursue my commercial pilot’s license (as Mr. Strickland did), some of the dreams of my family members would suffer in that process.

Making the impossible possible seemed even more impossible to me after reading this book. Married with children would have difficulty going to the lengths this gentleman did to make the dream happen.

But I simplify. Mr. Strickland’s story is an amazing one, and he attempts to generalize his success to smaller scale goals in the last chapters as he drives home his philosophy that to have a meaningful life, one must pursue that which evokes passion.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how Mr. Strickland made the most of his opportunities not only through passion, but by working with others and plain ‘ol perseverance. He mentions something else in the last chapters that contributed to his success.

It’s called “Tell your story”, and it comes from the jazz phrase of the same words, meaning, “…a way of playing that not only displays your virtuosity but also gives the audience a glimpse of your soul.”

Bill Strickland applies “Tell your story” to life. He states, “…the more clearly and convincingly you are able to tell your story, the better your chance of attracting the people who can best help you move your story forward, and in whose own stories you can play a productive part.”

These words reminded me of a similar exhortation:

…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have…” (1 Peter 3:15) (see, Nancy? I knew I could work faith in here somewhere!)

Strickland’s advice about “Tell your story” is aptly applied to our testimonies as Christians. In fact, most of what he says about passion, dreaming, and perseverance is Biblical. And so is this little tidbit I found on page 166: “Struggle is part of the equation when you bet your hopes on a passion, but the passion also makes the effort worthwhile.”

Do I feel this way about my faith?

In truth, the answer shames me. Too often my passion takes a back seat to obligation.

Bill Srickland has a lot to say about that.

This book, that did not mention God one time (not that I caught anyway), opens my eyes to a whole new way of viewing faith. Or is it an old one? Perhaps the one that I started out with that has been forgotten under a pile of potluck dinners and Sunday school lessons?


My faith is my dream. I want to pursue it with abandon.

I want to tell His story in a way that “attracts people” and “moves” His story forward. I want my telling to glorify Him and give others a glimpse of my soul that is so in love with Jesus.

Then I truly will be flying in the clouds.

No license necessary.

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    Brava! I love how you sum this up, and I love the 1 Peter quote, the call to tell *His* story is a wonderful way to end this series. I found that reading the book reminded me to look to the passion I have for Christ as well, and I loved what you said about the pile of potluck dinners and Sunday school lessons. So very true!

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    I haven’t been following all of you through this study…so I don’t know much of all the thoughts….BUT I know at times I have had to stop and think when the whole dreams/goals thing in life has come up. When I was little I just hoped to survive so thinking about the future was never part of my life. From college on as I really grew in the Lord MANY people told me I HAD to have a dream. NOPE, never, not like the future looking kind of dream.

    I’ve always had such a HUGE longing to just know Him more, to keep grabbing on to Him. I guess I really am just a go with the moment kind of gal. So like you said maybe that is my dream…how ever others define dreams. Although a hut out on the end of a walkway over crystal clear water with balmy breezes blowing sounds good too. :o)

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    I like the point you make here about the cost of the dream. I believe we should have dreams to live passionately, but we must count the cost and remember Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes that everything is meaningless and our only real purpose is to love God and keep His commandments- tell His story like you say:)

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    My heart has been so stirred this morning…by your post and by other means…

    Just some thoughts………..random though they might be…….

    I want to have His passion! I love dreaming of the impossible, but I don’t want to waste time reaching for the impossible without a passion to please Him with my endeavors…….

    I’m really on a quest to make Him smile…….I want Him to beckon the angels of heaven to have a look-see, pointing my way, calling them to dance, sharing His delight………and like could this happen every day!!!!

    I don’t want anyone to suffer in the wake of my pursuits, either, but I pursue the grace to do what I am called to do……..and may His goodness and mercy follow me leaving those I serve to walk in the fullness of it.

    Inadequacy haunts me…..but passion for Him fans into flame the desire to persevere on this mission…….this earthly conquest…..

    I have a passion for the Zoe (life-breath) of God reigning me in such a way that it testifies of the very truth that is my God…..the only manifest truth that can reach the impossible! The kind of impossible that is out of man’s reach but has the fingerprints of God all over it.

    Laura, thank you for sharing this book. I have not read it, but I love such books. Oh, how they inspire. They also reveal how little I seem to be accomplishing…….but the secret is in the hearing what His whisper is to me today…….and marvel as He completes that good work in me and through me today.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…..You are a His workmanship created for beautiful works in Christ Jesus! my paraphrase!


  5. says

    Laura, I had this odd sense of tension in the final chapters. The tone was too upbeat for my liking. Unfortunate, because I think he actually has profound things to say. And in earlier chapters I couldn’t get past this, but oddly I did in the final chapters.

    Loved your honesty here! 🙂

  6. says

    I haven’t been able to follow the entire thing but you have blessed my heart with each visit.

    You have a beautiful way of drawing us closer to GOD — deeper.
    I appreciate your heart for Him and for us.

    Love you!

  7. says

    My story is His story. I pray that I tell it true both in word and in deed. To have passion is admirable. To live passion is worthy IF you live for the one who created you. Otherwise, passionate dreams would be little less than selfish pursuits.


    PS: You should be receiving a box today or tomorrow.

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    i loved the way you ended this post! reading a book that does not speak of God reminds me of the book of Esther and it seems that Strickland’s book has something in common with Esther (even though i have not read his book) – i enjoyed your comments and presentation of the work – i also could not help but think that the story telling smacks of Vygotsky and how we write our lives through narratives

  9. Susan Raymond says

    Very inspiring Laura. When I read what you write I can hear your voice and even your inflections. I am so glad we grew up and remained friends! You are precious! -Susan Raymond

  10. says

    Peeking in on you again. It seems I’ve missed some good stuff.

    I’m at a place in my life where I have to live my passion. I’ve tried to snuff them out for too long trying to appear normal or tame. The truth is I am not. I’m wildly in love with Jesus. I must live this out or die…

    Hugs my friend,


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