The Power of Beauty

We’ve been in and out of town this past week, taking advantage of spring break with our boys. Thanks for being patient with me as I go about this business of life…getting the most out each moment with these small people who seem to be getting bigger every day…

It billowed through the window, spilling over everything in its path: blinding, dazzling sunlight. The atmosphere in my bedroom was golden, and for a moment, I stood frozen by beauty.

Beauty has that power.

To still the chaos of a busy morning.

To inspire a dream so achingly real that one has no choice but to pursue it.

That is what Bill Strickland discovered when he saw his first orchid: the power of beauty.

In chapter six of Make the Impossible Possible, Strickland relates how the beauty of one flower led to the creation of the highly successful greenhouse run by Manchester Bidwell students and staff.

In my reading this week I was struck by Strickland’s immense ability to see and appreciate beauty.

About his first orchid, received as a gift, Strickland writes:

I set it on a window ledge in my dining room and saw right away there was magic in that flower. It glowed in the daylight. At night if filled the room with a radiance of its own. The quality of that light, and the complex, mysterious beauty of that flower, did more than add beauty to the dining room; it transformed something fundamental in the room’s reality, reorganized the energy of that room according to some new principle, some new priority that’ impossible to put into words.”

That is power.

Can we harness that power? The power of beauty?

Strickland did.

By holding on to the feeling evoked by that orchid, he traversed seven years of planning and networking to realize the dream of building his greenhouse.

What this chapter reminded me to do is to surround myself with beauty. To never forget its value and power.

Power to heal.

Power to inspire.

Power to move.

Move toward my dream.

Please visit High Calling Blogs for more thoughts on this chapter.

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  1. says

    I love your description of the sunlight! I need to go outside for a moment and soak in it, take a deep breath, reset my mind. Thanks for this post!

  2. says

    Laura, thank you for reminding me tonight of His beauty.

    He is beautiful beyond description and I stand in awe of Him.

    Thanks for your love and prayers.

  3. says

    I am not sure where my eyes and heart spent their time in years past – but the beautiful… it grabs me these days like never before- the dogwood, the raindrops, the damp earth- I can’t seem to get enough of it. Could it be I am preparing for the Most Beautiful?

  4. says

    Hi Laura – your words are so FULL. I appreciate that very much. Sounds like a good reading your engaged in as well.

    I am glad you and your family enjoyed spring break. That’s always a good time. Never feel you have to ask us to be patient with you, we all have families and responsibilities that come before being online so whenever you are here I will come visit.

    Love you.

  5. says

    “Beauty has that power…To inspire a dream so achingly real that one has no choice but to pursue it.”

    I’ve missed the beauty of your words, Laura. They inspire me.

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