The Service of the Shadows

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They’ve taken my Lord away!

They’ve bound Him and taken Him away!

As the Light is carried away from me, I feel my chest collapse as all the air leaves my body. The despair, so thick, fills my lungs.

It feels as if I will never breathe again.

They’ve taken my Lord away!

And then, out, into the dusk.

We move like shadows.


But the birds continue to sing. The wind continues to blow. And the sun continues to sink lower in the sky, coloring the horizon red. The moon, full and round, hangs low, giving date to this sacred night. Nisan fifteen. The Feast of Unleavened Bread.

But they’ve taken Him away.

What will become of us?

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  1. says

    Once again…another part of the story that is hard to imagine…yet this season I find myself in…the absence of an intimacy that once was…the loss is physically painful sometimes…to have been in the presence of Love and to not understand where it went…..the anguish of the soul.

  2. says

    Can you just picture…going to the tomb and he wasn’t there? Then coming back to see him…alive again. They believed upon HIM without HIS resurection…but to have seen this only could have made the desire only stronger.

    God Bless

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    What will become of us? Because of all that our precious JESUS has done for us we will live in Him forever. Praise the LORD.

    I love HIM so….

  4. says

    Laura I am attempting to catch up with my blogging friends and your posts about church and the service of shadows took my breath away. THANK YOU so much. I have been feeling a bit ‘spiritally-disconnected’ these past several days and your words brought the eyes of my heart back to Him. Love you, girl (and your photo). Thank you for being such a blessing.

  5. says


    this really made me think

    oh how painful it must have been at first……

    but then the JOY at seeing the risen Lord!! Our risen Lord!!

    We will see Him face to face one day, what a glorious day that will be


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